Have you Heard of the Retired Japanese Shiba Inu ’Salesdog’ that has Fans All Over the World?

  • The Shimada Cigarette Shop used to be a small cigarette shop in Tokyo which became somewhat of a tourist attraction due to the popularity it gained from its cute and friendly canine shopkeeper, Shiba-chan. Shiba, the Shiba Inu dog, manned the store window every day where he had been trained to greet customers by opening the store window as they approached. Shiba soon became an internet sensation, becoming very popular among tourists as well as the locals.

    Why was Shiba so popular?

    Shiba-chan was very smart and had been trained to use his paws and nose to open the store window to greet customers. So, as soon as he would hear the ring of the customer bell, Shiba would jump up immediately to greet them by cleverly opening the store window, This would then alert his master and store owner, Hisako Suzuki, to come out to assist the customer.

    Customers would often opt to purchase their cigarettes, snacks, or magazines here just to visit Shiba and give him a gentle pat on the head before starting their day. Sometimes, visitors would even give him treats for being so smart and super cute. Shiba is also very fond of cucumbers as well as standard doggy treats.

    Internet sensation

    Many tourists within Japan and from countries all over the world traveled to Tokyo just to get a glimpse of Shiba and experience his cute customer service. Shiba has featured in countless selfies and videos with one Youtube video going viral with over 2 million views so far! Due to the number of fans Shiba was gaining, a guest book was even created where customers were able to leave their messages and photos too.

    The cigarette shop was located near Musashi-Koganei metro station but was recently closed down on the 30th of October, 2015. After years of customer service and being the best four-legged shopkeeper in town, Shiba finally gets to retire in peace and enjoy his day as he pleases. There’s no doubt that Shiba’s fans miss seeing his cute and furry face every morning. Nevertheless, he’s created some great memories that I’m sure his customers and fans will cherish forever.

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