Unusual Japanese Drugstore Items, Most Stylish Bunny PuiPui and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    5 Convenient and Unusual Japanese Drugstore Items That You Never Knew You Needed!

    Japanese drugstores are famous with tourists for their endless supply of fascinating and sometimes downright strange items on sale. Read this article to find out what sock glue is used for and other funny information.


    pui pui traditional

    Meet Japan’s Most Stylish Bunny, Instagram Sensation PuiPui!

    Always wanted to know what a rabbit dressed up in all kinds of tiny Japanese clothes looks like? Read this article for an instant burst of cuteness!


    6 Delicious Traditional Wagashi Sweets to Try as You Journey Throughout Japan!

    Japanese sweets are becoming more known around the world these days as a great accompaniment for tea. Here you can read about 6 treats that you should surely give a try for a real Japanese tea experience.


    Step into the World of Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Anime Films in Virtual Reality!

    Have you always wanted to feel what it would be like to live in the world of a Ghibli movie? Now you can, in Virtual Reality! Read this article if you want to find out how to explore the world of movies like ‘My Neighbor Tottoro’.


    Are you on a Tight Budget? Here are 5 Amazing Hot Spots to Visit in Kyoto for Free!

    Read this article to find out which 5 places in Kyoto you can’t miss when you are there, and won’t even need to pay for.


    Did You Know that the ’Rock Paper Scissors’ Game Actually Started in Japan?

    Here you can read about the interesting origins of the world-famous ‘Rock paper scissors’ game, some good knowledge you can impress with at a party!


    Planning to Study in Japan? Then Start Learning the Symbols Used to Mark Tests and Exams!

    See if there is a difference in the way exams are marked in Japan and where you are from in this article, you might be surprised!


    Everything You Know About the Samurai Is Wrong?

    This is a great article for those who want to have a simple overview of the history of samurai, and will bust some of your long-held beliefs about these Japanese warriors.


    Find Relief from the Summer Heat in the Cart of a Handsome Japanese Rickshaw Puller!

    Have you wondered about where to find the hot men in Japan? Read this if you want to know all about the good-looking rickshaw pullers you can find in many traditional tourist areas of Japan!


    3 of the Most Fascinating and Somewhat Unusual Festivals that are Celebrated in Japan!

    There are many seemingly strange festivals in Japan. If are interested in attending one while you are in Japan, the 3 listed in this article will definitely make you want to join in on the fun.

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