Tissue-Pack Marketing: the Japanese Phenomenon

  • What’s tissue-pack marketing?

    If you’ve been to Japan, you may have witnessed the concept of tissue-pack marketing whenever you walk out a cetnral station or are in the crowded areas. Usually, for most people, when offered flyers or brochure ads by randoms on the street, we tend to either reject them or accept them just for the sake of being polite and tehn throw them away as soon as we find the first trash bin. However, many Japanese companies are desperate to make sure that citizens notice their advertisements, thus a guerrilla marketing strategy called tissue-pack marketing (ティッシュ配り) started.

    The companies make small packages for the tissues with the advertisement making it very accessible to the consumers. By standing in a crowded area and handing these packages to the public, it is very unlikely that we will throw them away like we would do with the flyers, since we have free tissues now and thus, the advertisers have our attention.

    According to an Internet survey conducted by Marsh Research with over 100,000 Japanese participants, 76% of them apparently accept the tissue packages and more than half look at it or at least glance at it. This strategy proved to be profitable and innovative in the advertising business, making it a win-win situation for both the companies and the consumers getting free tissues.

    Get your tissues!

    In addition, if you have never been to Japan, here’s a piece of advice, keep tissues on you ready while using public restrooms because in most of them, there aren’t any tissues for drying your hands or even toilet paper. Therefore, the tissue-pack marketing strategy can come in handy when you find your hands are wet and there is no towel, tissues or a gryer to dry them.


    As always, Japan never fails to amaze with its innovative and unique techniques, that satisfy both customers and companies!