Japan’s Favorite Summer Fruit Gets a New Twist With These Popular Dango!

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  • With the summer here in Japan officially making our days a little sweatier thanks to the undeniable mix of humidity and heat, nothing beats a good refresher to cool down even if it’s for just a bit.

    But there’s one thing that is never missed during the summer season here in Japan which is suika (or watermelon in English) that helps you beat the heat and is also sweet and refreshing. But this summer why not try something just as refreshing as a real watermelon but still a bit different with the suika dango!

    Choco Manto Suika Dango

    The Choco Manto Suika Dango is a limited summer item produced by Yagumo Dango in Aichi Prefecture. The company sells a variety of Japanese sweets which use seasons as themes and also sell ordinary Japanese sweets (called wagashi in Japanese) as well.

    At first glance, the Choco Manto Suika Dango closely resembles a watermelon. Once you open it up and see the inside, the whole dango is red like a watermelon – complete with seeds too!

    But aside from the watermelon image, the choco manto suika dango also uses watermelon juices made into dumpling balls that also taste like watermelon.Black sesame is also used for the watermelon seeds and chocolate is used for the outer watermelon stripes.

    Reservations for these summer themed dango have started on their online shop. You can purchase them for 750 yen for 3 sticks, 1,500 yen for 6 sticks, and 3,000 yen for 12 sticks. Shipment of the dango begins on July 1st. But for those interested, you’d better order soon because these will only be sold until September 30th.

    The choco manto suika dango will surely make your summer sweeter, especially for those of you who have a sweet tooth! What do you think of the suika dango? They sure look cute so if you want to make a purchase be sure to check their site!

    Yagumo Dango’s Website (Japanese only)

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