Would You Like to Add This Life-Size Vocaloid Figure to Your Collection?

  • One of the things that Japan can be proud of is the large number of fans and admirers the otaku culture has. Thanks to the various manga, anime, and even the idol industry reaching both local and international areas, the number of fans is growing!

    Thanks to the otaku culture, a large variety of merchandise has been put on the market and sold to reach every fan. Figures are one of the many types of popular merchandise and they play a large role for fans too. But what would be more exciting than a human-sized figure?



    Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer but in Japan, it has also produced virtual idols that many people have come to adore. Some of these include the well-known blue haired girl, Hatsune Miku. But Miku is not the only virtual idol as there are others such as Yuzuki Yukari.

    Yuzuki Yukari

    Yuzuki Yukari is also a Japanese Vocaloid idol and was initially released in 2011 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Yukari’s Japanese voice actress is Ishiguro Chihiro. She is also one of the more successful vocaloids in the V3, but rather than marketing her to the vocaloid fandom, she was initially aimed directly at producers.

    As much as Japan loves otaku merchandise, they sometimes put that love to the extreme. A large human scale Yuzuki Yukari figure standing at 157.7cm for 1,280,000 yen has been produced by the figure brand FIGUREX.

    Thinking of it as just a figure is not what they intended because the large scale Yukari figure is capable of singing and talking thanks to the built-in internal speakers. Only 10 of these figures will be put on sale with applications open until July 31st.

    If you want to check out the Yukari figure, you can see it in this video! Fans of the vocaloid franchise, what do you think? Would you also want a large scale Yuzuki Yukari figure added to your collection?

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