5 Essential Smartphone Apps to Help You Survive Your Next Japan Trip!

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  • Traveling can be very exhausting sometimes with all of the things you need to take care of – taking care of your visa-related paperwork, working on a reasonable budget, booking internal flights (if any), checking the weather forecast in advance, googling nearby money exchange shops, and much more! Some people are blessed with “adaptability” as they can just jump on the plane and figure things out after they arrive at their destination.

    But many people would prefer putting things in order before traveling in an attempt to make the most of their dream trip! If you are visiting the land of the rising sun soon you no longer need to worry about learning Japanese to get in there, we totally recommend considering the following smartphone applications! So check them out!

    1. Tokyo Subway

    The moment you arrive in Japan, it will take your breath away with the advanced subway system, number of lines available, and the subway ticket machine. Depending on the transportation system in your home country, it can suddenly feel very confusing to figure out which line you should take, what station to transfer lines in and how long it should take to arrive at your destination. Just be on the safe side and install Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists. It is available for free download for both Android and Apple users and can be used in 6 different languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese).
    It is worth mentioning that Tokyo Subway can be used offline so you can avoid expensive data roaming charges.

    You can also consider visiting the Tokyo Metro official website as it offers a lot of information for tourists such as how to connect to Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app by NTTBP which is another free to download application for both Android and Apple users. They also offer free-to-download maps for the Tokyo subway which are available in 8 different languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) , tips on how to access your destination from the airport, an introduction to Japanese subway etiquette and things to consider when riding the metro, easy to access popular attractions and much more.

    2. Triposo

    So now you are in Japan! Congratulations! Now you must be wondering where should I start? Where to eat out? How to get around? Are there any nearby events taking place? With all of those questions suddenly popping into your head now, Triposo is here to help!

    With Triposo you can browse recommended Tours using a computer or your smartphone, check prices, time period and additional information. You can also consider saving the tour you are interested in on your phone or book it immediately through the application . You can also check the list of hotels featured and finalize your booking when the application is connected to the internet.

    The application also features other options such as a currency converter, an offline map for big cities, a phrasebook and a weather forecast when connected to the internet.

    Triposo is available for free download on both Google Play Store and iTunes, Triposo also offers a special guide for Japan’s big cities (Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto) for free that is also available for Android and Apple users .

    3. Yomiwa

    If you can read, write and speak Japanese fluently then congratulations! You have everything to survive in Japan without any troubles! But if you don’t know much about Japanese or if you struggle with reading the language you would probably find this a lifesaver!

    Not only can you use all of its features without having to connect to the internet, but you can also benefit from this great feature. Just aim your phone at the text you want to read with your camera and the application will automatically detect the text and translate it for you.
    And if you know some Japanese you can use the application’s writing or kanji drawing feature to look up the kanji you want.
    Yomiwa is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes.

    4. MAPS.Me

    It’s time to save offline maps on your phone! There are a lot of good applications to consider such as Google maps and many more. But today we recommend MAPS.ME because it’s fast and it’s free! The application is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

    MAPS.ME offers a feature to download all maps to be used offline later on. You can track your route and bookmark places without any internet connection.
    This application can be used anywhere in the world totally for free! You can choose the language to install the application in so you don’t need to worry about that kanji you don’t know.

    5. NAVITIME for Japan Travel

    So now you survived the language barrier, the transportation, you have your portable tour-guide and your offline maps! So you might be thinking what else do I need to survive my trip in Japan offline? The answer is simple! NAVITIME for Japan Travel.

    The application is compatible with both Android and iPhone and offers a wide range of articles on different topics that would help your visit to Japan. When you install the application, you are asked to answer a simple survey that helps to improve the application, then you are able to use most of its features without an internet connection.

    You can check how to exchange foreign currency into Japanese yen, ways to access the airport, free WiFi spots, check available ATMs in your current location to withdraw money and much more!
    The “route” search option is one of its best features! Just enter the place you are in and your destination and search all the available options of getting there including taxis, airplanes, the bullet trains and anything else you can think of!

    So what do you think? Have you tried any of these applications?
    Share your experience!

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