A Flower Paradise at Kani, Gifu

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  • The flower park of Kani is maintained as a memorable place where the Flower fest was conducted in 1995. During the months of May-June, they will conduct a rose festival in this park every year.

    We could see beautiully arranged roses of various varieties and colours along both sides of the road inside the park. Even outside the park there are as much flowers as we could see in any other medium rose gardens. At the entrance, two aliens are standing in between the beautifully arranged mini garden with small red roses in front and a bench in between different types of rose flowers around it to welcome us.

    Each rose variety has its name displayed on a small board and some names are so funny. The garden extends to some acres of land. The park will be displaying a wide variety of around 7000 species of roses. The wide variety of roses with its unbelievable shades, shapes and sizes are really a feast for our eyes. Along with roses, there are other flowers also.

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    After walking some distance, we will reach a scenic region with a lake surrounded by different trees and a poppy garden extending along its one side and a specially shaped building at the other side. The entire lake is fenced and there is path around it for the visitors. The garden extends to some meters over a slope. There is also tram service inside the park for those who wish to make a round inside.

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    The topiaries of this park are also amazing with shapes of animals and birds. There is a display area in the park which is a museum of bonsai trees. The huge trees and plants in their trays are all having a height of about one or two meters.The bonsais with lot of flowers, peepel trees, desert roses etc. form some six rows of amazing bonsai architecture. There is also tram service inside the park for those who want to make a ride inside. There is another building near to the bonsai museum, which is three-storeyed greenhouse with a tropical garden, desert garden and some other kinds of plants.

    Moving forward again, there is another beautiful part of the rose garden, where roses are bended along arches,over round fences, along the gates, and other interesting shapes. Walking through the lower adorned paths in between exactly creates a nice experience similar to some wonderful world that we have seen in some movies.

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    At around the exit corner of the huge park, there is another building where the different steps of manufacturing of rose perfumes are displayed along with four different perfume odours which visitors can enjoy. They also displays some flower paintings and drawings, preserved flowers, corner with flower arrangements etc. There is also a special corner for kids in the first floor of this building where they can learn rose flower making with paper strips and ribbons and the decorations using the same.

    There are food stalls and souvenir shops inside the park. The Omiyage shops that sells items like umbrella, ceramic,some musical instruments etc. were really interesting because the people who are selling it are painting over their products at the site itself. It includes Japanese traditional items like wood carvings and other interesting things. There was a section of roses and some other plants displayed there for sale at the entrance of the park,from where we could buy roses and other plants.

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    The usual entry ticket cost only 300 yen.But during the rose festival it will cost 1000 yen per head.

    Flower Festival Commemorative Park website
    1. From JR Nagoya, take Chuo line to Tajimi. Taita line connects Tajimi to Kani.
    2. From Meitetsu Nagoya, take Meitetsu Inuyama line to Inuyama Station. Meitestsu Hiromi line connects to Shinkani. Only 3 minutes walk from the station to the Kani station.
    NB: The park can be accessed from Kani station by the direct bus to the park(Hana Festa Kinen Koen).