All About Inspirational Fashion Designer Issey Miyake and His Unique Style and Brands

  • There are so many great fashion designers in Japan but one of the most inspirational of these designers goes by the name Issey Miyake. He is popular for using new technology in creating innovative textiles and designs stemming from both Western and Eastern influences. He is not only a fashion designer but a fragrance connoisseur who makes iconic products worldwide.

    Issey Miyake origami

    Miyake’s Life and Career

    Issey Miyake bw

    Issey Miyake was born in Hiroshima on April 22, 1938. He was able to graduate in 1964 with a major in graphic arts at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Immediately after that he worked abroad (in New York City and Paris) in order to gain more experience. Upon returning to Tokyo on 1970, he started his own fashion studio which catered to women’s high fashion. In the following years, he began experimenting with different design techniques such as pleating. He even integrated ceramic and porcelain buttons into his designs and presented them in his new collections. He also had a great friendship with Steve Jobs and influenced his signature attire, the black turtlenecks.

    Perfume Line

    Issey Miyake perfume

    Despite having several lines and brands created by his company, Miyake also ventured into the perfume line. He launched his first fragrance in 1992 which was a light scented perfume for women (L’eau d’Issey). It was followed by different fragrances usually marketed toward ladies with some being sold for a limited time. These scents are sold in conjunction with Shiseido’s division, the Beauté Prestige International. His perfumes have also been made in collaboration with other perfumers such as Olivier Cresp, Alberto Morillas, Jacques Cavallier, Daphne Bugey and so on. If you want to find his entire line, you may visit his store in Japan called ELLTOB TEP (PET BOTTLE spelled backwards).

    Though Miyake officially retired from making designs in 1997, he continuously oversees all of his company lines. His collections are all unique and his influence in the fashion world through his brand is still strong.

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