Check Out these Tasty-Looking Masterpieces by Japanese Lego Master Tary Nobu!

  • Lego has made its place into the hearts of many as a common childhood (and sometimes adulthood) toy. Although, many may even recall painful memories of accidentally stepping on to lego pieces that have been left lying around on the living room floor. However, Lego has always been a basic platform for the creative imagination!

    Lego Masterpieces


    While many of us may have the patience to follow Lego instructions to construct spectacular lego masterpieces such as vehicles and buildings, some of us may struggle to create anything overly impressive on our own. As such, be prepared to be amazed by the wondrous lego masterpieces that Japanese artist, Tary, has created.

    Some of Tary’s Lego creations on his Twitter page, @nobu_tary, have the delicious-looking recurring theme of a variety of different foods, which has garnered him quite a large number of followers. For instance, check out his lego creation of tempura prawns on a bowl of rice!


    Another traditional Japanese food he has recreated with lego is the bento rice lunchbox which is often eaten by children at all schools across Japan. He has also made sure not to forget the chopsticks too!


    Aside from Japanese food, Tary also creates Lego objects based on food from other cultures, such as this pizza with classic cheese dripping off the bottom. This is definitely my favorite so far!


    In addition, there’s this delicious looking chocolate beverage! At first glance, I thought it was a chocolate cupcake sitting on top of a mug. However, it is more likely to be a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

    So for all the Lego fans out there, what do you think? Have you seen anything like this before? If you would like to see more, then check out Tary’s twitter page for more tasty-looking Lego treats! Who knows, it may inspire you to create something extraordinary next time you’re faced with a Lego set!

    Tary’s Twitter Page

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