Zero Gravity in Kagoshima Gives Wheelchair Users Endless Hours of Freedom and Fun in the Sea!

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  • There are many people all over the world that are faced with physical disabilities either from birth, or as a result of accidents, injuries, or illnesses. Therefore, life can be difficult. However, a fantastic place called “Zero Gravity” recently opened in the southernmost part of Kagoshima Prefecture which aims to give wheelchair users a chance to float freely in a natural environment.

    About Zero Gravity

    A remote island in Niigata Prefecture has been used as the location base of the recently opened facility called Zero Gravity for wheelchair users. It was founded by Torihita, who is also a wheelchair user himself. Due to his inability to fully enjoy nature during his 40 years of being stuck in a wheelchair, he decided to build a facility where people with disabilities are able to float freely wherever they want to.

    The Zero Gravity idea stemmed from his university years in Brisbane, Australia where he observed many wheelchair users excelling and pursuing their dreams. There were so many facilities built to cater for those with disabilities, it was almost as if they weren’t experiencing any disability issues at all. Therefore, he brought the Zero Gravity idea to Japan so that everyone could experience equal access.

    The Location

    The resort is located in a stunning island called Amami Oshima which is surrounded by virgin forests. It is accessible to the pristine blue oceanic water which was built barrier-free for wheelchair users. In this area, able-bodied guests will have to adapt to the environment as it caters to and prioritizes people with physical disabilities.

    It serves to be an inspirational place for wheelchair-bound users that has also managed to attract people from all around the world. It offers an all-inclusive boating, scuba-diving, snorkeling and other water activities to wheelchair users. It aims to serve 80-100 guests in a year in the hope of sustaining a business where profit is not the priority but passion for a life-long dream.

    The place welcomes anyone who’d like to explore and experience a whole new dimension without the discrimination of any disabilities. It is an explicit description of being free, especially for those who are wheelchair-bound for many years. It’s great to see this place create freedom and happiness for everyone!

    Zero Gravity Website*Japanese Only


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