The well-known Japanese Bullet Train

  • Bullet train or also known in Japan as shinkansen. It is a high-speed rail that achieved high safety and stability due to increasing range of technologies in Japan that is consider as world-class. It is supported with what we called magnetic levitation and it will float four inches above the concrete pathway that is why when you get to ride inside the bullet train, you’ll be able to read magazines, newspapers and the coffee will not spit out.

    Lists of Shinkansen trains namely from 100 Series to 800 Series, N700-I, E1 to E6 Series and the latest but not yet released to the public which is the L0 bullet train.

    400 Series Shinkansen

    400 Series is quietly known as mini shinkansen. It is small, narrow in space but fast.

    E5 Series Shinkansen

    Definitely known as hayabusa and consider as one of the new generation of shinkansen which was operated by JR East company. It is quiet yet the fastest and the longest bullet train in Japan.

    N700-I Bullet train

    System provide a safe and stable operation for 47 years in Japan with zero accidents recorded considering this is the ultimate “total system approach” that has proven over a long years.

    World’s Most Luxury Train

    Kyushu Seven Star is the luxury bullet train currently operating in Japan comparable to a western design in Europe, the Orient Express. There are 14 guests room, all are suits room. Deluxe suit room are wide and elegant to create a comfortable atmosphere for the passengers. The themes are combination with japanese old culture and western style. Food and drinks are served in the lounge area accompany with a musician and started playing right after the meal, that is quite extraordinary to experience such thing.

    Japan RailPass

    This can be purchase only outside of Japan with a tourist visa on some numerous official agents. This can help you saves a lot of money because it is much cheaper and it is once in a lifetime experience to travel around Japan for a couple of weeks that every residents of Japan could ever dreamt of. In getting a Japan RailPass, there are two choices to choose from, ordinary cars and green cars(first class). Green cars are wide, quiet and comfortable and you have to get reservation first unlike ordinary cars which is the opposite one.