When You Want a Burger Who You Gonna Call? J.S. Burgers For Their New Ghostbusters Menu!

  • I’m sure most of you are already familiar with how much creatively and crazily the minds of people in Japan work by now. Whether it’s food, clothing, or events, this country’s randomness is something that’s hard to match.

    Food is one thing that people love and couldn’t live without so it’s really unusual if we see something strange or different about our food. Japan, though, takes food to the extreme by mixing in a variety of ideas. The latest of these crazy food offerings is coming soon, so get ready!

    J.S. Burgers Cafe

    The J.S. Burgers Cafe is a cafe attached to the popular Japanese clothing brand Journal Standard. The J.S. Burgers Cafe is bringing out a good number of ghoulish new items for their menu thanks to the upcoming release of the new Ghostbusters movie!

    G.B Burger

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    . SUPER CHEESE BURGER🧀🧀 . 【期間限定】 LIMITED 1/15 tue-2/19 tue . 大人気のスーパーチーズバーガーが期間限定で復活! . クリーミーなカマンベールチーズを丸ごと一個使用し、レッドチェダー、自家製ブレッドと共にビーフパティを挟んでしまったアメージングなチーズバーガー✨✨ . お好みでメープルシロップをかければ、お酒にも合う甘じょっぱくて癖になる味わいです。 ぜひ、この機会に! ・ ※J.S.BURGERS CAFE 全店で販売致します😋 ・ #jsburgerscafe#jspancakecafe#baycrews#journalstandard#hamburger#burger#cafe#yummy#jsb#instafood#sweets#cheese#supercheese#シェイク#ハンバーガー#グルメバーガー

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    First up on the list is the G.B Burger, which simply stands for Ghostbusters burger. For 1,580 yen, the burger’s black buns bookend a great amount of purple cabbage and beef patties which are coated in olive oil and also anchovy paste. You can also choose the level of the ketchup’s spiciness depending on your taste.

    Marshmallow Mad Burger

    Next up is the Marshmallow Mad Burger which is priced at 1,280 yen. This dessert burger actually includes yoghurt ice cream, cocoa cookies and a large amount of marshmallow placed in between the white buns. Topping the whole dessert burger is sauce made from raspberries and beets.

    Green Ghost Shake

    Now you might need some drinks along with your burgers, and that’s where the Green Ghost Shake comes in. For 780 yen, the drink is an avocado and apple smoothie which also includes spinach and orange sauce topped off with chunks of kiwi and burger-shaped candies. The whole image of the drink will definitely remind you of a certain slimy green ghost we all know.

    If you’re looking for the thrill of getting to try these Ghostbusters treats out for yourself, you can do so starting from July 1st in J.S. Burgers Cafe branches until September 30th. Make sure to check for ghosts because you just might need the Ghostbusters around while you eat these!

    JS Burgers Website (Japanese only)

    JS Burgers Shinjuku Branch Tabelog

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