Students in Japan Will Soon See Hatsune Miku Featured in Their Textbooks!

  • Hatsune Miku, the popular Vocaloid star, is going to be featured in the textbooks of first-year high school students in Japan. Her huge popularity in the Japanese music industry makes her well-known even among children. Thanks to her Vocaloid composer, Kikuo, her songs have been influencing many aspects of Japanese society – now including education!

    About the Virtual Idol

    Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old girl sporting long, turquoise pigtails. Her last name, Hatsune, comes from the kanji 初 (hatsu) meaning first and 音 (ne) meaning sound. Miku, written in katakana (ミク) is said to mean “future”. She doesn’t make her own lyrics autonomously but only stands as the humanoid persona for her synthesized voice. She has been a popular virtual idol since 2007 and has continued to stick around to entertain fans.

    Hatsune Miku’s popularity has landed her a space in the first-year high school students’ textbooks which will be released in the coming school year 2017. She will be featured together with Kikuo in Kokosei no Ongaku 1, a textbook by Kyoiku Geijutsusha. In a section of the book, they will be focusing on the unique voices of artists according to the quality and sound. Since Miku’s voice is strung together via lyrics and phrases from a voice actress and the synthesized pitch, she greatly qualifies in this section. Her unique voice is possible through the use of these computer techniques accompanied with human voices. With the aid of precise vibrato effects, the songs she sings becomes distinct in character. Everything is manipulated including the breathing effects thus creating a unique yet melodious sound.

    Miku was heavily promoted to professional musicians in the year 2008. Now, the target market is expanding even to young kids. The release of the book will just be in time for Miku’s 10th anniversary as a Vocaloid star. It seems like just the right time for her to be recognized one more time!

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