Would You Try Coca-Cola Japan’s Sleep Water For a Good Night of Rest?

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  • Ever have trouble sleeping at night? There’s a solution for you. In May 2016, Coca-Cola Japan introduced a new drink called “Glaceau Sleep Water” which claims to help people sleep well at night. It is a drinking water perfect for those who have sleep disorders or simply want uninterrupted beauty sleep.

    The Importance of Good Sleep

    Our body is highly dependent on the amount of sleep we get every night. A person’s overall well-being is dictated by it. It can help you protect your physical health, mental health, and quality of life. However, there are so many factors affecting the quality of sleep we get every day such as anxiety and stress levels. Deprivation of sleep results in problems with decision making or controlling emotions and behavior. Because of this, an agent is sometimes necessary in order to have a good amount of sleep to feel more revived the following day. One of these agents is none other than Coca-Cola’s sleep water.

    How Does Glaceau Sleep Water Work?

    Glaceau Sleep Water, in spite of being a Coca-Cola beverage, does not contain caffeine but a special ingredient important to sleep called L-Theanine. This is a relaxing and non-dietary amino acid known to promote relaxation without causing deprivation. It targets sleep quality rather than the amount of sleep a person gets. So if you have problems getting some shut-eye at night, then this drinking water will help you to fall asleep. Since this promotes relaxation, it is best to drink before sleeping at night or after a long tiring day at work. It will help you prepare your brain for the following day. Some marketing strategies are also incorporated along with the product such as listening to music before sleeping, using an appropriate pillow for head rest or aromatherapy.

    Increase your sleep quality by trying out this sleep water for a full night of slumber while decreasing stress and anxiety. Would you give this water a try?