’Cabbage Roll’ Type of Man, Japanese beauty Ikuta Kana and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Heard of the ’Cabbage Roll’ Type of Man? Check Out Why the Japanese Women Love them!

    Curious about the type of man that Japanese women love? This article will give you all the info about the different “types” of men and tell you why the “cabbage roll” man is one to look out for.


    Meet Ikuta Kana, a Japanese Model and Actress Who Could Also Be Your Taxi Driver

    Japanese beauty Ikuta Kana has a surprising extra job as a taxi driver. Find out this lovely lady’s route and you might get to be her next passenger!


    Keep up with Japanese Teenage Conversations with these 3 Slang Terms!

    Worried that you’re not going to understand a thing kids are saying in Japan? This article will explain the most popular current slang terms used by Japanese teens.


    10 Amazing Facts About the Legendary RPG Chrono Trigger That You (Probably) Never Knew

    Chrono Trigger is a beloved game with a massive fanbase. If you are also a fan of this classic JRPG, test your knowledge with a look at this article!


    Meet Sari Nakazawa, Japan’s Representative for This Year’s Miss Universe Pageant!

    Learn about this beauty queen who took the Miss Universe Japan crown this year and see if you’ll root for her in the big pageant.


    What Are The Safety Features Japanese Taxis Are Equipped With?

    Japan is a famously safe country – even down to the features of a taxi. Find out what sets Japanese taxis apart or what similarities they may share with taxis in your country.


    Take Your Japanese to the Next Level With These 5 Top-Notch TV Shows

    If you’re looking to improve your Japanese and have fun while you do, this article is a great place to start! See which TV shows are the most entertaining and the most helpful for your language goals.


    Bring Yourself Good Luck With Sekihan, a Traditional and Auspicious Japanese Dish!

    A wonderful explanation of this traditionally lucky dish and how to make it!


    Allergic to Soba? Check Out this Hokkaido Campaign that May Just Save Your Life!

    Hokkaido has come up with a great way to help people with food allergies. Take a look at what their interest campaign consists of.


    No Time for Nail Polish? Check Out Japan’s Cheap and Easy Solution to an Instant Pedicure!

    A quirky yet helpful Japanese fashion trend for busy people! Check out how some ladies keep their pedicures perfect without taking too much time.

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