Have the Ride of Your Life This Summer on Shibamasa World’s Monster Slide!

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  • It’s finally here, the summer that we hate and love. While summer is the time to have fun with your family and friends. Unfortunately, with summer just around the corner, the scorching heat of the sun is an enemy that we all have to deal with. Don’t let the temperature stop you from having fun, though, because a humongous monster slide is coming to Japan this July and it’s basically the first of its kind! There is no better way to cool down and enjoy a joyride while making some blissful memories.

    Water-Filled Fun Park Shibamasa World

    Shibamasa World Amusement Park faces the Sea of Japan. Situated in Fukui Prefecture, it is the country’s largest (100-hectare) theme park in the city of Sakai. The amusement park is divided into six sections which feature a wide range of rides and water slides. Included in the park are golf courses and camping grounds which feature a magnificent ambiance of nature just next to the National Park. There is also a pool section which is usually open during the summer season. Shibamasa World has Japan’s largest swimming pools and the world’s highest and longest water slides! During rainy days, the indoor theme park serves as the ultimate paradise for kids who want to play.

    A Glimpse of the World’s First Monster Slide!

    Folks are very excited to finally experience the world’s first ever Monster Slide at Shibamasa World Amusement Park. Things tend to get a little bit crowded during the summer season, so it is essential that you know what to expect when the pools and monster slide finally open this July.

    According to their official website, the much-awaited monster slide will feature a combination of various slide elements into one amazing experience that will surely be one heck of a ride!

    First, note that the ride features inflatable rafts that can accommodate up to six passengers. The passengers are comfortably seated on these inflatable rafts as a conveyor belt ramp gently takes them up to the top of the monster slide.

    Passengers will then enjoy the ride as the raft zooms through a “rainbow zone” illuminated by loops with seven different colors.

    Next, the passengers will pass through the gigantic funnel which is the tallest in the world with its notable 30-meter (98-ft) height. Here passengers get shaken as they whirl around the tunnel. This might actually be the most fun part of the ride.

    For the final finish, the ride ends as it moves through another 3 meters before the raft plunges into the pool just below the monster slide.

    Event Details

    You may want to schedule a trip to Shibamasa World in Fukui Prefecture as the opening date is fast approaching! You and your friends can enjoy a one-of-a-kind ride starting from July 2 until September 25, 2016. You can also enjoy unlimited rides on the monster slide as much as you desire after paying an entrance fee of 3,700 JPY. If you don’t intend to take the ride over and over again, you have the option to pay a reduced entrance fee for 1,500 JPY and an additional 500 JPY per ride.

    What are you waiting for? You better prepare your sunscreen and swimsuit as July is fast approaching. Hurry and experience the world’s largest and first ever monster slide while it is still available to give you the most awesome experience that you could ever imagine!


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