Check Out 3 of Japan’s Most Unusual Rock Formations On Your Next Adventure!

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  • We all must have seen silhouettes which are pretty common if we look at a rocky terrain from a distance. But only a few have seen rocks that usually have an interesting shape. There are some rock formations which can totally blow our mind from any distance. They can resemble an animal or a person or an object that we use in our daily life. If you do not believe rock formations could be interesting parts of nature, check out these 3 bizarre rock formations you can see in Japan.

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    If you are a geologist, then this might be even more interesting for you. Japan, as we all know, has a lot of volcanic terrain which can lead us to some unique locations like the Hanasaki lighthouse in the southern part of the Nemuro city in Hokkaido. The Hanasaki lighthouse is located near the Hanasaki port facing the Pacific ocean. The foundations of the lighthouse are made up of a unique geological formation called ‘Scraggy Basalt’. It is recognized as one of the best lighthouses in Japan.

    Kurumaishi is a radially formed basalt that looks like a wheel-stone. It is a very rare sight and is considered to be a national monument by the government. Many tourists flock to this place to enjoy the beautiful weather and take pictures of this bizarre rock formation. This rock is a must visit place not only for any geologist who wants to study basalt, but travelers looking for something unique. The rock is (spectacularly) 65 million years old. The site is open for visitors all year round and there is neither an admission fee nor a parking fee.




    The Oki islands lie in the Sea of Japan and are a part of Shimane prefecture. These islands are home to many interesting rock formations. There is a giant rock on the side of a cliff on Dogo island that resembles a lizard. This rock is called as ‘Lizard rock (Tokage-iwa)’ by the locals as it looks like a giant lizard climbing the cliff. This lizard is 26 meters long and can be seen from different locations around the cliff on which it is present. It is not only the shape of the rock that is interesting but also the composition of it. This rock has the highest concentration of alkali elements such as sodium and potassium among all the volcanic rocks in Japan.





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    Similar to the ‘Tokage-iwa’ mentioned above, there is one more interesting rock formation located on Nagaiso beach in Taisei-cho in Hokkaido. The rock resembles a mother and a child bear together. During the sunsets, the bears look perfectly real. Many people come to this beach just to see the silhouette.



    There are many other such rock formations in Japan which might be interesting for one to visit and take pictures for their blogs. These places provide a lot of information about our earth’s geology and formation as well as being fun to explore.

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