Attractions in Nikko Shrine World Heritage

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  • Nikko Shrine is the highest mountain located in the Kanto Region (northside). It is one of the gorgeous place listed in the world heritage site or UNESCO because of the two main attractions, the Nikko National park composed on both nature and man-made landscape and the temple and shrines that is considered as the best place for many worshippers in Japan.

    This place sounds popular for many japanese people even tourists, and began to outnumber the worshipper visiting in Nikko Shrine. There’s a lot to enjoy, like waterfalls and lakes that is so relaxing and soothing, such a wonderful experienced for any traveler.

    Toshugo Shrine History

    One of the Main attractions are the Toshugo Shrine. There’s a particular saying “don’t say magnificent if you haven’t seen nikko”. It was about Edo period (modern tokyo), people traveled for four days on bare foot just to reach nikko.
    Toshugo Shrine was built in 1617 as a mausoleum for the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who put an end to the Sengoku civil war period. Established his capital in Edo and keep the people unified. Concern for the welfare of his country, he was then choose to be buried in the north of Edo in Mt. Kuno his birthplace and later called Nikko. It was before that place are inhabited by demons, so he’d rather place himself there to protect the people from evil, and have eternal place and ensure long life. How thoughtful of him to think the safety of people living in Japan. Eventhough Ieyasu requested only for a simple shrine, the 3rd shogun of ancient times later developed the shrine to something bigger that costs a lot of money with over 15000 of craftsmen and 500kgs of gold and 300 kgs of silver are built on it.

    Futarasan-jinja Shrine

    It is one of the famous for it possesses two swords of the National treasures in Japan. According to the legend, a priest named Shodo and his followers climbed to Mt. Nantai to pray but they could not cross the river, so when Shodo prayed then, it came to appear a 10 foot tall God with two snakes twisted around his right arm and released the blue and red snakes and transformed a rainbow like sedge to form a bridge.

    Rinnoji Temple

    When you’ve entered the street view of the temple, will find it isn’t quite impressive but as you went through a path that goes uphill with stairs and take a scenic view until you reached the temple. You will need to enter the front end of the temple and ready to experienced as you step into nature’s lovers paradise.