10 Beautiful Candles and Aromas From Candly in Sapporo to Freshen Up Your Home!

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  • Candly is a handmade candle shop located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The second you walk into their shop, you are surrounded by the sweet smell of the handmade candles that line the shelves. If you love scented candles and are looking for a beautiful souvenir or candle for your home, check out these 10 beautiful choices!

    candly shop

    1. Dried Flower Candle

    candly flowers

    The dried flower candles are half translucent and contain pieces of dried flowers within the wax. As the candle burns, the pieces of flower surface, allowing for a different feel every time you burn the candle.

    2. Aroma Wax Plate

    candly wax plate


    The aroma wax plate isn’t actually a candle that you light up but more of a fragrance bar. This is perfect for a person who wants to enjoy the soft fragrance of dried flowers but is a bit afraid to leave a candle burning in their home.

    3. Colorful Design Candle

    candly colorful

    These colorfully designed candles add a pop of color to any interior and because each one is hand made, no two candles are the same so you are sure to find a candle that you like.

    4. Aroma Plate

    candly aroma plate

    These aroma plates are fragrance bars that are not lit up and have fragrances that vary from coffee beans, soybeans to fresh flowers.

    5. Yonkoutou

    candly yankoutou

    The Yonkoutou set contains nine cube candles that each have a traditional Japanese theme to them and the paper that wraps each cube is specifically designed in the traditional Japanese fashion. Each candle has a different unique Japanese fragrance.

    6. Sweets Candle

    candly sweets

    The sweets candles are all based on everyday sweets from cookies and candies to chocolates. The macadamia chocolate candles smell like chocolate, and the candies smell like various fruits.

    7. Japanese Sweets Candle

    candly wagashi

    These candles are all based on traditional Japanese sweets, and each one looks incredibly like the actual dessert. These even look too adorable to actually light up and use as candles!

    8. Vegetable Wax Candle

    candly cat

    The vegetable wax candles are made from soy, coconut or beeswax. These all organic ingredients lead to candles with a distinct aroma that is unlike non-organic candles.

    9. Cat Candle

    candly cats2

    The cat candles feature cats on the wrapping and would make adorable gifts for any of your cat loving friends and family.

    10. Shooting Star Candle

    candly star

    This shooting star candle is definitely my favorite one at Candly. When the candle is lit, it looks like the night sky and from the outside, when the pieces of glitter fall to the ground as they burn, they look like little shooting stars.

    If you are in the Sapporo area, I highly recommend visiting this cozy little candle shop. They even have a little cafe attached where you can enjoy the relaxing fragrance of the candles while you also enjoy with a cup of coffee. If you can’t visit the store itself, no worries! You can still order certain candles from Candly via their online shop.

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