No Boyfriend? No Problem! The Background of Japan’s Popular Otome Game Genre

  • No boyfriend? No Problem! You can now develop romantic relationships with a guy as if you are actually dating in real life. This is called “Otome Game” which is a video game based on a story manipulated by the player character with the goal of your desired partner falling in love with you. With a multitude of good-looking guys, who wouldn’t find a good match?

    How the Games Started

    The initial release of the game was mainly targeted to teens but surprisingly most of the players were women in their 20s. The first video game series was called “Angelique,” which featured a protagonist (Angelique Limoges) who has to compete in populating a land in order to become the next queen. Along with this, she can choose a lover among her Guardians while ruling the land in order to live happily ever after. It became very successful and was followed by other otome games emphasizing a tranquil romance in a peaceful and stable setting.

    The Style and Goal of the Game

    Over time, different styles were used for these games with many plot transitions such as romance blooming between men. Most of these games are ideal for young girls with no worries of pornographic content as some companies do not allow it.

    The main goal of the game is to develop a romantic relationship with the desired partner but there can be several endings. Therefore many things can affect the plot of the game as if you are making your own story. Raising your parameter (intelligence, looks, style, etc.) will give you more access to winning over the person you want to be with. The desired characters need a certain parameter which you have to achieve in order for them to fall in love with you. You will also be asked some questions where an ideal answer would improve your relationship with that character.

    This genre is definitely worth a try if you’re curious about the popularity of these games. Japan has many types of otome games to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find the best love story for you!

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