Craving the Perfect Summer Sweets? Try Ginza Cozy Corner’s Amazing Selection While It Lasts!

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  • Want something sweet but don’t know where to start? Ginza Cozy Corner has got you covered with loads of dreamy desserts to choose from! This popular Japanese confectionery retailer never fails to impress with their wide assortment of stunning desserts perfect for celebrating the different seasons of the year. This establishment has no shortage of good desserts but do you know which ones are sold exclusively for a limited time this summer? From cakes to cookies, here are the desserts that you should try while they are still available to satisfy your sweet tooth!

    Mille Short

    Sales Period: June 3 to September 8, 2016
    Price: ¥450 (including tax ¥486)
    Details: Enjoy a creamy shortcake overlaid with fresh cream, causing it to resemble millefeuille. There are three flavors available strawberry, orange mango, and melon.

    Alice in Wonderland Cookies in a Jar, Suites Teapot & Cups and Baked Pastry Pouch

    Sales Period: June 17 to mid-July 2016
    Price: Cookies In a Jar – ¥1,000 (including tax ¥1,080), Suites Teapot & Cups – ¥950 and Baked Pastry Pouch – ¥1,200 (including tax ¥1,296)
    Details: These cookies are delightful treats inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Now you can pretend to be the Mad Hatter and invite your friends to an afternoon tea party.

    Panda-Yaki (Bitter Tea)

    Sales Period: June 17 until the end of September 2016
    Price: ¥135 (including tax ¥145)
    Details: Panda-Yaki is designed particularly to honor the panda in Ueno Zoo. These baked goods are rich in flavor and are filled with green tea cream. Panda-Yaki is sure to be a cute and satisfying snack!

    Alice in Wonderland Petit Gateau Disney Star Festival Collection (9 pieces)

    Sales Period: June 20 to July 21, 2016
    Price: ¥2,100 (including tax ¥2,268)
    Details: These adorable cakes add to the Alice in Wonderland collection! These look even more inspired by the Disney film! Included are the following characters and flavors:

    • Dormouse (Earl Grey tea jelly)
    • Watch (tea and lemon cream cake)
    • Card Soldier (milk tea pudding)
    • Tweedledee and Tweedledum (banana cream and raspberry jam tart)
    • Alice (white chocolate and mint cream tart)
    • Mad Hatter (pistachio cream and apricot jam tart)
    • Queen of Hearts (white chocolate cream cake)
    • White Rabbit (white chocolate cream and raspberry jam tart)
    • Cheshire cat (raspberry cream roll cake filled with strawberry jam)
    Setouchi Lemon Cheese Souffle

    Sales Period: June 24 to September 8, 2016
    Price: ¥850 (including tax ¥918)
    Details: Indulge in the refreshing taste of Setouchi lemon cheese souffle topped with lemon cream and lemon sauce. This dessert is 19 cm and is meant to serve up to four people.

    Melon Short (No. 3.5)

    Sales Period: June 24 to July 8, 2016
    Price: ¥1,380 (including tax ¥1,490)
    Details: Reward yourself with a cake made from a juicy melon. Hidden under the soft exterior of the dessert is some melon jelly and coconut mousse.

    Melon Dome and Melon Mille Crepe

    Sales Period: June 24 to August 25, 2016
    Price: Melon Dome – ¥550 (including tax ¥ 594), Melon Mille Crepe – ¥450 (including tax ¥ 486)
    Details: These are refreshing desserts perfect for the summer. The Melon Dome features a mixture of fresh melon mousse and whipped cream in a jelly-filled custard. The Melon Mille Crepe has layers of coconut-flavored cream mixed with melon.

    White Peach & Tea Pie and Peach Dome

    Sales Period: June 24 to August 25, 2016
    Price: White Peach & Tea Pie – ¥400 (including tax ¥432), Peach Dome – ¥550 (including tax ¥594)
    Details: Treat yourself to some peach flavored desserts. The White Peach & Tea Pie is a blend of the rich flavors of strawberries, white peach, and tea. The Peach Dome features a cake tart that is filled with custard and sweet white peaches.

    Peach Parfait

    Sales Period: July 1 to early September 2016
    Price: including tax ¥1,280
    Details: This is a seasonal parfait which features the freshness of peach and delicate sweetness of milk. Berries are also mixed in and the parfait is topped off with vanilla syrup.

    Peach of Milk Frappe

    Sales Period: July 1 to early September 2016
    Price: including tax ¥880
    Details: This elegant dessert features the sweetness and aroma of peach syrup drizzled on top of shaved ice. The fresh fruit pieces are made even sweeter with condensed milk and a dollop of ice cream.

    Peaches and Ham Cold Pasta

    Sales Period: July 1 to early September 2016
    Price: including tax ¥1,180
    Details: This fruity pasta is a must-try! Tomato cream sauce melts into the peachy flavor of the pasta. The saltiness of Italian ham makes this a savory treat perfect for summer.

    There is no sweeter way to end a meal than with a delectable dessert. So forget about calories and indulge your sweet tooth in Ginza Cozy Corner’s mouthwatering goodies this summer while they last!

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