5 Japanese Smartphone Apps That Give You Incredible Options For Your Photos!

  • Have you ever wanted to print out or get a physical version of the photos you took on a vacation or in your everyday life? Here are five photo services that you can utilize to get various versions of your special photos.

    1. Moca

    Moca is a smartphone application that allows you to turn the photos that you took on your smartphone into postcards. You can also turn the photos into message cards and calendars. Each photograph is printed on an extremely thick matte texture postcard, making these cards perfect for interior decorating.


    2. Nohana

    Nohana is also a smartphone application that allows you to turn your photographs into a cute little photo book. You can make one photo book each month for free. All you have to pay for is the shipping! (approximately 226 yen). Just upload 20 of your favorite photos onto the app and they get turned into a photo book. You can add comments to each of the photos to add an even more personalized touch.


    3. Famm

    Famm is an application that allows you to create one free photo calendar a month. If you upload multiple photos, Famm will choose four of the out of the ones taken that month and turn them into an adorable calendar page for the next month.


    4. mi zx flux photo print

    Now here’s an interesting one! mi zx flux photo print is an app made by Adidas that allows you to customize your own pair of sneakers with a photo that you uploaded. While the app is not exclusively Japanese, it would be a good chance for you to make your own Adidas version of the sakura sneakers if you missed out! So if you aren’t satisfied with having a physical printout of the important photos you took, why not go as far as printing your favorite Japan photos onto your shoes? This way you can constantly look at the photo you took while you walk around in style.

    Update: The photo print app is out of service now (as of 2017). You can customize (chose the color and word to be printed) your shoes on the Adidad website.


    5. Nocoso

    Through the Nocoso website, not only can you print photos into photo books or photo panels, you can make your own personalized deck of cards! You can choose 13 photos to use to make your special card deck.


    If you are spending your vacation in Japan or you have just come back from a vacation, these websites and apps are perfect for capturing your memories, and I highly suggest checking them out!

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/

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