Not A Lot of Time to Shop Before You Go? Try This Fantastic Outlet Close to Narita Airport!

  • Are you familiar with the concept of a “Premium Outlet”? Basically, this is the place where you can shop for famous designer brands such as Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, T-Fal and UGG at discounted prices. In other words, the price of the items is cheaper than what you can find in department stores. The items are not limited to clothing but also house appliances and sports items too.

    Shisui Premium Outlets

    shisui outlet

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    If you are in Tokyo, the nearest outlet will be the Shisui Premium Outlet ( 酒々井プレミアム・アウトレット). As a tourist, you are entitled to additional discounts. So, the first thing you should do when you arrive is to bring your passport to the information center and obtain a booklet filled with discounts and benefits from different shops.

    shisui food court

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    For meals, there are various restaurants and there is also a food court. In the center of the food court area, there is a board (right on top of the globe structure) which shows the latest flight information at Narita Airport. This is particularly useful for people who intend to take their flight after finishing their shopping.

    Access to the Outlet

    shisui directions

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    The outlet can be easily accessed using a direct bus ride from Tokyo station (Yaesu Central Underground Exit). One tricky part is getting to the bus stop from the station exit. I will try my best to explain the directions.

    The moment you come out of the ticket exit of Yaesu Central Underground Exit, continue walking straight (follow the sign writing 八重洲方面) and look for exit 20. After walking for another 5-10 minutes, you will come across an information counter. Exit 20 is just nearby. Right after you go up the stairs from Exit 20, the bus stop that you would want is located right there.

    Another bonus about this particular outlet is that if you go during the annual sale times (summer and winter time), there will be extra discounts in addition to the booklet discounts. Check out the updates on the outlet website!

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