If You Love Classic Nintendo Games, Get Your Hands on This Awesome Nintendo and Vans Collab!

  • Do you ever feel nostalgic when you see kids of this generation playing with their latest game consoles and remember how you were once like them with the popular games that came out during your childhood? While a number of classic games have remained popular to this day, often being updated with a newer look, it doesn’t change the fact that we started out with 8-bit games.

    In this time of 3D games and virtual reality, the popular American apparel maker Vans, in collaboration with Nintendo has brought out a number of popular old school 8-bit game-inspired items that both the old and new generation can appreciate.

    Vans x Nintendo Collaboration

    The Vans x Nintendo Collaboration is the ultimate two-player partnership that unveils an extensive collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories to celebrate the early days of video games. The 8-bit inspired artwork collection will bring you back to the days when games including the original Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda and many more were new and exciting!

    Vans x Nintendo Collection Lineup

    Starting off with the Super Mario Bros. footwear, you’ll step back in time with the design showcasing the character print of Mario along with the power-up mushrooms and the Goomba villains patterned all over the shoe and you get a Game Over! message. There’s also a Princess Peach designed shoe that features the lady damsel in all pink!

    Next up is the Donkey Kong lineup that uses the imagery from the game’s first level and presents the title character in a unique formal arrangement. An NES print designed shoe is also up for grabs, featuring the Nintendo game logo on the tongue and the controller’s laces inspired by the console.

    For fans of The Legend of Zelda, the graphics and quotes from the popular game will appear in the sneaker lineup which includes the brand’s iconic lace-free silhouette and the classic slip on. All of the popular game titles mentioned will also be featured on apparel and accessory items such as shirts, caps, bags and more available for both men and women.

    The Vans x Nintendo Collaboration items are now available and good news because everyone around the globe can get ahold of them at stores and online! Old and new gamers alike are sure to enjoy this collection so make sure to not miss this chance while you can!

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