3 Restaurants in Osaka to Taste the Best Takoyaki in the City!

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  • Osaka is known for many delicious dishes, especially takoyaki. This is a typical Japanese snack which is batter shaped into a ball with a small piece of octopus (tako) inside. It is normally made of wheat flour based batter and cooked in a special pan. It was first popularized in Osaka and later spread into the other regions. Here are three restaurants in Osaka where you can get a fantastic takoyaki experience.

    1. Aizuya (Namba Branch)

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    Aizuya is a restaurant which has been rumored to have actually first made takoyaki. Though it hasn’t been included in the Michelin-star ratings, it has been recognized as part of Michelin’s “Bib Gourmand,” a guide to restaurants serving quality foods at affordable prices. Apparently, the restaurant has chosen to add a little spice to the recipe by stuffing in ingredients such as spring onions, beef tenderloin, etc. Here, you can also enjoy the original taste of takoyaki which people have always loved without any toppings, allowing the ingredients inside to stand out on their own.

    Aizuya’s website (Japanese only)


    2. Yamachan Honten

    Yamachan Honten is one of the places offering great-tasting takoyaki in Japan. It has a main store and a second store located in Osaka. It is accessible by a 5-minute walk from Tennoji Station on JR, subway and Kintetsu lines. The takoyaki here is usually served with a soup in its plain texture or topped with mayonnaise and sauce. The second store has a seating area which occupies 35 people (27 smoking seats and 8 non-smoking seats). It is open daily from 12:00-23:30 on weekdays and from 11:00-23:00 on weekends.



    3. Naniwaya

    Naniwaya is a standing bar restaurant located in Karita Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka which is 208 meters from Abiko. It offers delicious takoyaki at a cheaper price (300 yen for 8 pieces). You can pair the takoyaki with Japanese sake or spirits. It is a smoking establishment which can be enjoyed with friends and coworkers. Opening time is 11:00 while closing time is 23:00.



    If you haven’t tried takoyaki yet, might as well make these places your destination for that unforgettable experience eating one of Osaka’s most famous foods!

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