Want Your Kids to Enjoy an Educational Summer? Aoba-Japan International School Has a Great Program!

  • Aoba-Japan International School (A-JIS) is excited to give you the best activities for your children this summer. Through Aoba-Japan Extension (AJE), premier summer camp programs will be offered where education will have no boundaries as they go beyond the usual books and resources of the classroom. Here are some of the summer camp programs that will be available from July 18-August 19, 2016.

    The Goal of Summer Camps

    The goal of AJE Summer Camps is to provide each student a chance to have a meaningful experience during the holidays. Programs are done in both a Japanese and English-speaking environment in order to build the student’s confidence in communication and interaction. The school believes in entrusting their students’ young minds with the capability of affecting the surrounding environment in a positive way.

    The Summer Programs

    Summer Programs are divided into two: the AJE Kid’s Camp and AJE Teen’s Camp. Programs for kids and teens will be done in 5 weeks from July 18-August 19, 2016. The program for kids will be done in two languages, English and Japanese. Linguistic studies will be done from 9 AM to 12 PM every day. Afternoon events will focus on outdoor activities such as field trips, sports, clubs, performances, etc.

    The programs for teens will be all about applied learning, orienting and leadership and activities and excursions. It relies on the theme of “Navigating Your World” allowing students to shape up their skills in order to work as a globally successful citizen. This will include sports activities such as basketball, indoor climbing, swimming, and soccer. Tours, events, clubs and communication lessons will also be included in the programs. Take note though that the cost of paying the tuition fee is higher if you don’t reside in Japan. A sales tax of 8% will also be added to the fees and accommodation is not yet included.

    Let your children have fun in the sun while experiencing excellent programs in an environment full of fun at The AJE Summer Camp. The memorable experience is something worth the money and time you will surely not regret.

    Registration info at Aoba-Japan’s website

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