Haruki Murakami’s Books Come to Life In This Exhibit at Chihiro Art Museum

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  • Kyoto-born contemporary author Haruki Murakami is one of Japan’s most well-known novelists. His books blend both Japanese sensibilities with heavy influences using his fellow writers as muses specifically Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac and Franz Kafka. Despite the Western impact on his writing, he is beloved by audiences in Japan where his books have changed the direction of current Japanese contemporary literature.

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    早いもので、今日から新年度が始まります。 入学式をひかえた新1年生のみなさん、ランドセルの準備はばっちりでしょうか。安曇野の桜の開花は間に合いませんが、お天気の入学式になるといいですね。  こちらの作品は、現在開催中の「かわいいものが好き―いわさきちひろ展」に出展されています。今の季節にぴったりの作品、ぜひ探してみてくださいね。 いわさきちひろ ランドセルをしょって並んで歩く一年生(部分) 1966年 #achihiro#chihiroiwasaki#安曇野ちひろ美術館#ちひろ美術館#新年度#いちねんせい

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    One only needs to read his books Norwegian Wood and South of the Border to get its full effect. He is currently a writing fellow at Princeton and Tufts just to name a few. Luckily, we can still enjoy his works at this upcoming show.

    The Exhibit

    This quirky and unique perspective has also been influenced by all art forms, specifically illustrators. It is to no surprise that this award-winning novelist has chosen to work closely with a group of Japanese illustrators who have taken concepts in his novels and imagination and put them into visual form. For those lucky enough to be in Tokyo, make sure to check out the Chihiro Art Museum (formerly the Chihiro Iwasaki Art Museum of Picture Books) in Nerima-ku. This seems like the perfect place to showcase Haruki Murakami’s art through illustrations. The works will be displayed in chronological and contextual order making it easy to follow along. Even his close friend, the late Mizumaru Anzai’s works will be shown as well.

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    大型連休2日目、気持ち良い空が広がる安曇野です。 トットちゃん広場には、昨日から、念願のフォトスポットが登場!ちひろの描いたかわいらしい作品やトットちゃんといっしょに写真を撮ることができますよ。電車好きの方には、モハの顔が良く見えるスポットがおすすめです。どちらも早速大人気で、今日も笑顔の写真をたくさん見せていただきました。トットちゃん広場へお越しの際は、ぜひ記念にどうぞ! 大型連休中、とくに安曇野インター付近は混雑します。みなさまどうかお気をつけてお越しくださいませ。#achihiro #chihiroiwasaki #いわさきちひろ #安曇野ちひろ美術館#トットちゃん広場#ちひろ美術館

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    Perfect for escaping the heat of the summer as well as having much-needed activity for youngsters (or even those young at heart) as people of all ages can easily appreciate art in the form of illustrations. The entrance fee is around 800 yen. So hurry up and see the exhibit while it lasts. The museum itself rotates exhibits at least 4 times every year and this particular exhibit, which began on May 27, 2016 will be available until August 5, 2016, perfectly blending artwork and writing. Happy viewing and exploring!

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