Senbei, What Is It And What Does It Taste Like?

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  • Do you know what Senbei is? Senbei is a traditional Japanese snack made from rice. Generally, they are called rice crackers in English. They taste great, and they are also less calorific than other snacks such as chips and pretzels. There are many kinds of Senbei in Japan, and some are very unique. These days many new rice cracker flavors and types are coming out. But I’d like to focus on people’s all-time favourites. When you visit Japan, make sure to try the ones below!

    Original Senbei

    This is a regular Senbei. They are the most common type and can be found in any Japanese store, small or big. Typically, original Senbei are soy sauce flavored.


    This is one of the most popular Senbei in Japan. It is called Yuki-no-Yado, “yuki” means snow. As you can see, there is some white powder on the senbei. This is sugar. The salty taste of Senbei and the sugar mix really well. This Senbei is slightly softer than the regular type, so kids can enjoy it as a light snack. I think you can find this Senbei easily in most Japanese supermarkets.


    This is one of the most unique Senbei ever. Normally, when you eat Senbei, you’ll notice that it’s quite hard. However, this Senbei is different. When you put it in your mouth, you are NOT going to feel like you’re chewing on anything! That is because this type of Senbei is extremely soft. Funwari means extra-soft, and meijin means expert. You can find this type easily in convenience stores and supermarkets, I really recommend you to try them out!

    So here you go, now you know more about Senbei, the Japanese traditional snack. They come in all the flavors imaginable; salty, sweet, and many others. You can get them almost anywhere in Japan. There are many shops which only sell Senbei and they have crazy variety of the rice crackers. You can only find the highest-quality Senbei in Japan, so when you visit, you simply must try as many as you can!