Who Took the Top 3 Spots in the Adorable Sanrio Election?

  • One of the most awaited announcements that many Sanrio fans all throughout the world have waited for is finally here at last. The people have cast their votes once again in this year’s Sanrio character election and it’s a whopping twice in a row win! Itching to find out who took the crown? Better yet, check out who took the top three spots this year!

    Sanrio Character Ranking Election

    The Sanrio Character Ranking Election is a special event looked forward to by Sanrio fans who are rooting for their own character of choice to take the top spot. On July 2nd, the result of the event’s 31st-year winner was made known to the public. The Sanrio Character Election results have been released in Sanrio’s Ichigo Shinbun or Strawberry Newspaper in 1986.

    3rd Place: My Melody

    Taking in the third place in the election is the sweet and lovable character, My Melody. My Melody is a girl rabbit character who is often characterized by her red or pink hood. Along with Sanrio’s brand image Hello Kitty, My Melody is also a well-known character often part of different goods and merchandise sold in the market targeting the female demographic.

    Compared to last year’s election, My Melody placed two ranks higher letting her take one of the top three spots.

    2nd Place: Cinnamoroll

    The second place for this year’s election is the cute and fluffy Cinnamoroll! In last year’s election, Cinnamoroll was ranked at third place, which means the pup gained a higher place this year!

    Cinnamoroll is no doubt one of the cutest Sanrio characters thanks to the fluffy puppy’s characteristics. With blue eyes, pink cheeks, and of course his plump and curly tail that closely resembles that of a cinnamon roll, Cinnamoroll is sure to take a place in the hearts of voters.

    1st Place: Pompom Purin

    And who would have thought that the winning character this year would be Pompom Purin, again! Winning two straight years in a row, Pompom Purin has reigned supreme in the Sanrio Character Ranking Election winning a whopping 807, 389 votes.

    Pompom Purin, or simply Purin, has won the hearts of his fans and voters for its rather cute pudding themed golden retriever image. Purin has been a character of Sanrio’s since 1996 and has taken over some of the older characters which some might have thought would take the lead.

    Elections of any sort are really popular here in Japan and Sanrio wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have their characters participate in one. Did your favorite Sanrio character made it to the top 3?

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