Shaved Ice and Cold Noodles Together? Try This Crazy But Cooling Dish in Osaka This Summer!

  • The rising temperature this summer in Japan cannot be stopped. Both hot and humid at the same time, people are heavily sweating and it’s hard to make it through some of the incredibly hot days. With air conditioners and fans to cool you down, some people turn to food and drinks to help the cooling down process!

    Japan has a variety of summer dishes available all throughout the season being sold in almost every place you can think of and is always a great thing to try for people enjoying Japan for the first time too! But one place is serving a different concoction this summer including some of our favorite Japanese summer dishes!

    Kakigoori Soba/Udon

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    猛暑吹っ飛ばせ‼️ かき氷そば🍧 ・ ・ ・ 先日の事です😀 うだるような暑さの時、ミドリと十三駅に降り立ちました🚉 そう、かき氷そばを食べる為に❗️ ・ ・ ・ 「阪急そば若菜 十三店」何かとやんちゃなメニューを出す事で有名なお店です✨ ポテチがドーン❗️ ポテそば🍟の時もインパクトを受けましたが、かき氷そば🍧もインパクト大です(笑) ・ ・ ・ 見た目それほど大きくない氷ですが、食べてみると多い… 普通のかき氷なら甘くて美味しいですが、油あげの出汁が浸みた微妙な甘さのかき氷だと厳しい😣 頭もキーンと痛くなるし😨 ・ ・ ・ 食べ切ると暑さが吹っ飛びましたね🎐 暑さ対策にはもってこいなメニューです👍 ・ ・ ・ 最後のpicはかき氷そばのポスター🍧 阪急そば若菜さんはきっと又「なんやこれ⁉️」みたいなメニューを出してくれると信じています☺️ ・ ・ ・ #ミドリ旅 #ぬい撮り #グルメ #蕎麦 #midoridaily #かき氷そば #阪急そば若菜十三店 #阪急そば若菜 #十三駅 #大阪 #2018年 #十割そば #かき氷 #tbt #ういらぶ大阪

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    The name of the food itself gives away what you would be eating. The Hankyu Soba Wakana branch, which is located in Osaka, will be bringing out their kakigoori soba or udon dish for a limited time only this summer.

    Nothing beats cold shaved ice and noodles in this summer heat and Hankyu Soba wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of having their customers get what they want with this perfect summer menu.

    Filling the bottom of the bowl with either cold soba or udon of your choice, the whole dish gets topped off with a generous amount of shaved ice. The next thing to do is to pour the tsuyu sauce right on top of the ice until it reaches the noodles!

    There are 4 varieties of the dish with the kakigoori soba or udon that will be served for 500 yen, and 700 yen for the kakigoori soba or udon with tempura, shrimp or plum. This cool summer dish that’s sure to help you beat the heat will be available from July 9th until August 31st.

    So is kakigoori and cold soba or udon noodles your kind of choice to refresh yourself this summer? If you’re lucky enough to be in Osaka then you shouldn’t miss the chance to try out the kakigoori soba or udon when you need to escape the heat!


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