Japanese Real Estate Company Makes New Homes for Hermit Crabs

  • Japan is no stranger to creativity, and a Japanese company called Suumo has deployed a form of creative advertising which also helps nature. Suumo is a real estate agent which provides information to people who are looking to buy or rent homes in Japan. With the help of professor Katsuyuki Hamasaki and some students from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, new homes are created not for humans, but for hermit crabs.

    Hermit Crab Houses

    Do you think that humans are the only ones who need homes? Hermit crabs need them too. Hermit crabs regularly outgrow their homes and hence, often change their shells. Due to environmental issues in modern society, many hermit crabs use bottle caps as their shells, and there is a shortage of suitable homes for the hermit crabs.

    In collaboration with oceanographers, ideal, artificial houses are made for the hermit crabs. The shells are designed to be spacious so as to not hurt the hermit crab. Additionally, the shells are made to be light and sturdy so they can be easily carried about yet provide sufficient protection for the hermit crabs. Moreover, the design of the shell also takes into consideration the effect on the environment, so the material used to make the shell is derived from starch which would not cause any environmental harm. And not forgotten is the label of the brand, Suumo, on the green artificial shells. The campaign was also given the name ‘Shell We Move?’.

    Would the hermit crabs love these newly created homes? Apparently, they do! When the shells are placed on the beach, the hermit crabs can be seen ditching their old shells for the new ones!

    Not only does this benefit the environment, but the hermit crabs wearing these shells also act as ambassadors for the Suumo brand. Talk about an innovative way to make your brand stand out! Since the company cares about providing homes for hermit crabs, it certainly does care about humans who are looking for new homes too. It is such a successful campaign that the purchase intention of customers for the brand increased by 112%! Watch the video here and be amazed by this creative advertising campaign.

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