Experience the one of a kind Japanese tea Ceremony

  • HOW TO
  • It is commonly called as the way of tea, a traditional and spiritual art of ceremony that engage preparation of green tea(matcha). To achieve a perfect tea ceremony the tea host spend decades mastering and practicing the art of doing a tea ceremony like measuring procedures for serving tea infront of a guests, proper prescribed gestures, arranging flowers, cook, care for nature, learning to appreciate crafts, poetry and calligraphy and a lot more. Guests will not engage a small talk or gossip but exchange their conversation to the discussion on facts like origin on utensils.

    There are series of steps involved in a tea ceremony

    The host prepares for the tea ceremony. It will take a couple of weeks earlier than the ceremony takes place. A host must send formal invitations to the guests and prepare mentally and spiritually to a state of calm mind.

    “Sample invitation of the host to their guests for a traditional gathering”

    When the guest arrive at the tea ceremony, they have to wash their hands and mouths in a basin first before entering. The guests should walk a narrow part of the tea room and proceed through a small door upon entry with the hosts waitin’, forcing the guests to bow, then the hosts greet and give them also a polite bow.

    The first step involve the cleaning and preparation of the hosts infront of the guests, adding a three scoops of green tea to a bowl then pour hot water and whisk.

    The proper gesture of the guests include, taking the bowl or “chawan” with your right hand and place it in the palm of your left hand.

    Turn the bowl three times clockwise before you take a drink. Use your right hand to wipe off the rim of the tea bowl and pass it on to the next guest and repeat the movements. Turn again the bowl counterclockwise and return to the host.