Craving Sweet and Savory French Pastries? Here are 7 Must-Try Galettes in Tokyo!

  • Galettes are a popular French flat pancake type dish that originates in the Brittany region of France. Apparently, crepes originate from galettes. They are usually made with buckwheat flour and filled with a savory filling and folded into a square shape with the ingredients in the center. Galettes have become increasingly popular in Japan as well, so here are 7 restaurants where you can try the Japanese take on these traditional French galettes.

    1. Galettoria

    Galettoria is a cafe type shop that focuses on providing easily accessible galettes. It is located in Shibuya and takes 10 minutes from the station on foot. The building is modeled after a traditional Southern France home that is covered in ivy leaves, which gives it a very classy and aesthetic feel that will have you taking pictures for sure. Their most popular menu is the ham, egg, and cheese galette. The melting cheese goes perfectly with the buckwheat flour base and the ham and egg.

    The sweet dessert galettes are also very popular. They are much like crepes and some of the most popular items on the menu are the sugar butter galette and the salt butter caramel galette. (Please note, however, that the menu will be changed depending on the season.)


    2. La Fee Delice

    La Fee Delice is a galette restaurant located in the Omotesando area. The owner of the restaurant is focused on providing the most accurate representations of this French dish. Their staple dish is the ham, cheese, and egg galette but the salon galettes are also extremely popular.

    The sweet galettes are also popular. Each one is served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. The galettes, with their extremely soft and fluffy dough, are unlike any other and you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors such as cinnamon sugar, Nutella, maple syrup, and vanilla sugar and lemon. They also provide menus that are limited to specific seasons.


    3. Maison Bretonne

    Maison Bretonne is located in Sasazuka and the restaurant itself has an extremely calm and inviting atmosphere. Their dough is 100% made from buckwheat flour and the unique crispy texture is something you can only enjoy at this restaurant. Their weekday lunch is below 1,000 yen, making the galettes extremely affordable. You can also customize your galette by asking for additional vegetable toppings.


    This restaurant, of course, serves dessert galettes as well and the exquisite combination of the hot, fluffy, and chewy dough and the cold ice cream is something definitely worth tasting.



    GALETTE STAND is a galette restaurant located in Ebisu that provides various galette menus including their revolutionary wrap galettes that you can eat on-the-go. While usual galettes are in the folded square shape as seen in the previous restaurants, the wrap galettes are small roll-like versions of the galettes making them easy to be carried. GALETTE STAND actually stemmed from Bistro Vintheo, the first French bar in Japan, as an attempt to provide more accessible galettes.


    5. Porte Bonheur

    Porte Bonheur, located in Jiyugaoka, is a restaurant specializing in galettes. Their galettes are unique because the outside is crispy while the inside is still somehow fluffy and soft. They have an extremely wide variety of flavors available ranging from shrimp and avocado with lemon sauce to potatoes and cream cheese.


    Their lunch menu features both savory galettes and dessert galettes. They have over 20 dessert galette menus available ranging from the simple but classic butter sugar to their original unique menu, Cointreau flambé (I am pretty sure this is alcoholic, so please make sure before you order). You can add extra toppings such as vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and roasted almonds for 100 yen each if you so desire.


    6. Ti ROLANDE Cafe

    This restaurant is founded by the owner of the oldest creperies in Paris and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to try the most authentic galettes in Japan. The Galette Complète is a galette with a sunny side up egg, ham, and gruyère cheese. Each galette is made with the skills of the oldest creperie in Paris and unlike any other galette.


    The dessert menu is also filled with recipes that have long histories behind them which are also unlike anything else.


    7. Au Temps Jadis Creperie

    「 ブルーベリー 」 オタンジャディスとガレットリアがお世話になっている 契約農園 北海道 千歳 にある 「ミオン農苑 」さんより オーガニックのブルーベリーが今年も沢山届きました。一粒一粒が大きく適度な酸味を残した自然味豊かな味わいのブルーベリー。 さっそくコンフィチュールを作ってみました。 ブルーベリーだけでも充分美味しいのですが、 今回は白ワインをたっぷり加えてブドウの香りもプラス。プルンとみずみずしいコンフィチュールに仕上がりましたよ。 オタンジャディスではこちらのコンフィチュールを使用したデザートクレープを明日からご提供いたします。ご来店の際は是非お召し上がり下さい。 #オタンジャディス#クレープ#ガレット#ランチ#原宿#神南#渋谷#東京#カフェ#フランス#パリ#autempsjadis#cafe#café#crepe #crepe#ブルーベリー#コンフィチュール#北海道#オーガニック#ミオン農苑#デザート#おやつ#スイーツ #自家製

    オタンジャディス(@au_temps_jadis)分享的貼文 於 張貼

    This creperie was founded in 1985 in Shibuya and has been providing traditional French galettes ever since. It feels like you have teleported to France the moment you step into this restaurant. If you are lucky enough to go on a day with nice weather, I highly recommend sitting in the terrace seats.

    The galettes served here have a special aroma to them after being baked which goes perfectly with the fresh vegetables and cheeses that top the dough. Au Temps Jadis also offers an extremely wide variation of dessert galettes from ones that feature the fruits of the season to the classic favorites.


    I hope this article made you hungry for galettes because writing this definitely made me want to go get one. Each restaurant has its unique kind of galette so I hope you find one that you fall in love with after visiting some of these wonderful places.

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