The Pokémon General Election Results are here and Pikachu isn’t the Champion!

  • The results for the Pokémon General Election are out! The Pokémon General Election is the first of its kind and it is pretty much like a popularity poll. Although Pokémon popularity polls had been held before, it had not been done on such a grand scale before. This round, the popularity poll included all the 720 Pokémon characters that have debuted officially.

    Voters can vote for their favorite Pokémon out of the 720 candidates available. Voting can be done online if one has a Nintendo 3DS which allows the individual to access the 7 Spot Wi-Fi network at 7-Eleven convenience stores. Other than that, there is the option to physically cast a vote at the Pokémon Center retail outlets and Toys “R” Us branches. The voting period was from the 16th of April, 2016 to the 8th of May, 2016.

    Many of us would expect Pikachu to snatch the top spot as it is the most recognizable Pokémon from the series. In fact, I can hardly name any other Pokémon other than Pikachu even though I had played a couple of Pokémon games before and even owned some cards. However, the 1st place was not won by Pikachu, but by a Dark and Water-type Pokémon known as Greninja!

    Greninja is the final form of a Water-type Pokémon called Froakie. It is swift like a ninja and also uses throwing stars to attack the enemies. It is also the only Pokémon that is capable of learning a move known as Mat Block.

    As for the very popular Pikachu, it managed to land at the 4th place, which is not bad at all. The 2nd and 3rd place were won by Arceus and Mew respectively. If you are interested to see the full election results, you can visit the Pokémon Election website.

    Are you surprised by the election results? It seems like many voters pick strong characters, and not just characters that are popular and cute!

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