Tokyo 2020 Olympics Preparation: Revamping of the JR Harajuku Station

  • The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is a largely anticipated event that will take place in a couple more years. In preparation for this grand event that will be watched worldwide, it had been announced on the 8th of June, 2016, that the JR Harajuku Station will be undergoing renovation.


    The JR Harajuku Station is a popular station due to its proximity to the well-known fashion district wherein people dress up however they fancy. The sight is definitely something to behold as the folks at Harajuku district are so open-minded in the way they dress, even if it is a style that would be considered bizarre in other countries.


    While it had been announced that the JR Harajuku Station will be revamped, according to JR East, they are still unsure of what to do with it, so it is uncertain whether the station would be demolished or new designs would be added to it. A decision will be made after the gathering of the opinions of local residents and of the Shibuya Ward Office.

    Yoyogi National Stadium


    The JR Harajuku Station is close to being 100 years old as it was built in 1924. It is also said that the station is Tokyo’s oldest wooden station so it kind of holds some sentimental value. However, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics will take place at the Yoyogi National Stadium, and the JR Harajuku Station is one of the nearest stations to the venue. Therefore, it is feared that the current state of the station would not be able to accommodate the huge crowd during the Olympics period. Thus, changes have to be made to the station.

    Whenever there are events nearby, such as concerts, the station would be so congested as there would be a lot of people who will want to board a train after the events end. This is made worse by the narrow walkway. Even during the weekends and public holidays, the station is frequently crowded. People may feel sad if the station has to be demolished, but sometimes, changes are necessary and good!

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