Meet Kaku Kento: One of Japan’s Underrated Yet Talented Actors

  • Kaku Kento (賀来 賢人) may be an underrated actor in Japan but he sure is talented! Kaku Kento, or Kakkun as he is known to his fans, starred in NHK’s morning drama (asadora) Hanako to Anne and is now gaining recognition from his fellow actors in Japan.

    A quirky yet talented actor

    Kaku Kento was born in the year 1989 on the 3rd of July. He is often offered comedic roles like his stints in Tumbling, Ranma ½, Soft Boy, Paradise Kiss, etc. But then finally, he was given a serious role in N no Tame ni. In N no Tame ni, Kento plays as Ando Nozomi who is a close friend of Sugishita Nozomi which was played by Eikura Nana. The plot revolved around the mystery concerning the murder of the Noguchi couple. He also starred in the morning drama Hanako to Anne, portraying as Ando Hana’s brother. We haven’t seen his full potential yet so here’s to hoping that he will get more projects in the future!

    Good Partner: Kento’s current drama series

    Good Partner circles about the law in Japan. The drama is set in Jinguji Law Firm which specializes in dealing with corporate law cases. The main actor, Takenouchi Yutaka, plays as Sakisaka Kento – one of the lawyers in the firm. In spite of being successful in his career, he is solely raising her daughter. Kento plays as his colleague in this drama.

    Kaku Kento is surely one of Japan’s talented yet underrated actors and he is mostly given comedic roles than serious roles. Japan’s drama and film industry should give him a chance to share his light and shine. I first discovered him when I watched Takei Emi’s drama, Asuko March. From then on, I followed his journey in the Japanese entertainment industry. My most favorite J-Drama appearance of his is Ghost Mama Sousasen wherein he appeared in the first two episodes. That was the first time that I saw him play a serious role and he surely nailed it!

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