Have you ever looked MARSHMALLOW UNDER WATER!?

  • Whenever I hear word “CUTE” I always remember the country Japan, because undeniably we can find loads of cuteness stuffs in this country. One day I stumbled upon this cute fluffy green like marshmallow which can be found under the water. well at first glance all I thought it was just a normal sea creature I was staring at, never knowing that it is much more than what I imagine it to be.

    Have you heard about Marimo? Perhaps it may sound new for many, but let me tell you that Marimo is a very special and one of kind type of algae or ball seaweed which grow into round balls. Yeah, round balls that turned into super cute and very popular in Japan because Marimos are considered a national treasure there. Don’t be surprise if I tell you that this cute fluffy ball is actually a PET. Yes, you read it right, it’s a pet. Actually it s a low maintenance type of pet. Sounds interesting right? They don’t necessarily require food, though you might encounter some suppliers that will sell you a marimo food too. To keep it healthy and cute, you must clean them every once in awhile just by rolling it between your hands. Take note, they are very soft, kind of squishy, fuzzy, bouncy shape and are really fun to hold! So just do it slowly like tapping the fuzzier edge and don’t exert to much force while doing it. Another important information, Marimos need to be kept in water of course, but just ordinary tap water with the room temperature of 68 – 82° F will suit them just fine.

    As you can see in the picture Marimo may come with different sizes too..

    Best known as Super Jumbo Marimo has the size of 30 cm.

    Due to its widespread popularity for cuteness and is thought to bring good luck in many parts of the world, it is also out in the market as charming necklace with many designs.

    If you are looking for affordable but unique or one of king design in your desk, kitchen or coffee table? Purchase this Wood Base interior showcasing Marimo inside.

    Since you can see a lot of Marimo in the eastern part of Hokkaido, particularly in “Lake Akan”, you might be able to bump with Marimokkori, a mascot of Hokkaido! In Hokkaido they hold a 3 day festival to celebrate the Marimo and it is believed that if you take good care of your Marimo, all your wishes will come true!


    In the history, it is calculated that Marimo can live over 200 years old! So basically, the lifespan of it is very long. By the way Marimos are the cutest water plants I’ve ever seen. MARIMO-CHAN DAISUKI!

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