Dressing up for Summer? Here Are 3 Places to Buy “Kariyushi” Shirts in Okinawa!

  • Kariyushi means “harmony” or “happiness.” It is a popular shirt in the Okinawa region which is similar to that of Aloha shirts in Hawaii. These shirts have a summer feel as they are printed with tropical themes such as hibiscus and palm trees. It also serves as one of the ways in promoting tourism within the region. If you happen to visit Okinawa this summer, here are 3 of the popular places for you to buy Kariyushi shirts.

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    1. Mango House

    This is a store which specializes in Kariyushi wear. Designs are made originally with nature and environmental sceneries as motifs. It is quite a unique store as all shirts vary from each other and are sold in limited pieces. Mango House style Kariyushi wear is often used during beach weddings in Okinawan resorts. The place is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Some shirts cost 4,000 yen, while others can reach as high as 7,000 yen depending on the size and design.

    Website *Japanese only

    2. Namino Oto Ryuukyuu

    One of the local shops for Kariyushi wear that you can find in Okinawa is Namino Oto Ryuukyuu. They offer shirts of different designs which can either be hand-printed or dyed. This gives buyers a chance to clearly express themselves through what he is wearing. Some shirts come in plain fabric which offers both comfort and style, while others can be used as an ecological business suit. You can find the actual shop in Okinawa, or you can also opt to do online shopping through Rakuten.

    Website *Japanese only

    3. Getto Monogatari

    This is one of the shops in Okinawa which gives buyers an access to affordable Kariyushi shirts. Though some shirts are also expensive which can cost as high as 10,000 yen, you may also find shirts costing as low as 2,000 yen. Shirts also come in both men and women sizes. They can be found on the 2nd floor of Kumoji Building.

    Website *Japanese only

    If you’re feeling the southernmost vibe of the summer breeze, it wouldn’t be wrong to wear a Kariyushi shirt. These are just some of the highly recommended places offering good quality Kariyushi shirts at varying prices.

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