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  • Are you interested in the history, traditions, and culture of Japan? Or perhaps you like the contemporary things Japan has to offer such as anime or manga better? Whichever you prefer, samurais are part of both. They were the military nobility of early Japan and have been since well associated with the country and its feudal period. Samurais who existed in the old days continue to live on in today’s modern times through several Japanese manga and anime. If you are interested in samurais, get excited and read on! This samurai experience is only available for 10 days from October 28th to November 6th, 2016, so don’t miss out!


    One-of-a-kind samurai experience

    The place that offers a special samurai experience is located in Asakusa, the popular area of Tokyo known for its endless string of shops and the famous Sensoji Temple. If you happen to find yourself there and would want to immerse yourself in a unique activity, make your way to the studio and check it out!


    Samurai Studio is unlike any other photo studio you may know as they offer you the opportunity to dress in traditional samurai armor and helmets. At first, this may sound like any other chance to put on a costume, but the armor at Samurai Studio are of excellent quality. Not only that, but the styles of armor are also authentic as they have been made by people who have worked on dramas and films.


    After seeing different styles of armor, you can choose your favorite one! Even the famous samurai Sanada Yukimura’s and Date Masamune’s armor styles are available for you to try on. There is also no need to worry if you are unsure about the parts of the armor and how to wear them properly as the studio’s helpful staff is more than willing to assist you.


    Furthermore, even though the armor styles and the samurai history mainly taught is that of men, ladies and couples are also welcome to Samurai Studio.

    Professional photoshoot


    Dressing in armor for the day would already be fun, but of course, you would also want a keepsake to remind you of your memories! A big part of the experience at Samurai Studio is the photoshoot. Not only will a professional photographer be taking your picture, but you will also be advised on the best poses and angles to really emphasize your samurai getup and persona. With their advice, you are assured that your photos will turn out well.

    After the shoot, you could choose 2 favorite photos from all the high-quality photos, then a staff will print them out right then and there. You could bring them back home and keep them not only as memorabilia, but also as artwork or interior design pieces since the quality of the photos are extremely high as shown in this article. Additionally, all the photo data will be given, so you could freely upload them on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Go ahead and show off your warrior experience to your friends and family!

    Choose the plan that matches your needs


    There are two plan options available for enjoying the authentic armor and photoshoot at Samurai Studio – the standard plan and the premium plan. The standard plan is recommended for first timers and offers 3 poses. You could also opt to add more poses and/or accessories for an additional fee.


    The premium plan is for those who are very particular and meticulous about shooting. The plan offers you more than 10 poses to try, and you have the freedom to use all the accessories such as the menpo (face mask) or the shogi chair (folding chair)! You could keep on posing and shooting until you are satisfied.

    Aside from these 2 regular plans, Samurai Studio is also currently offering the following 3 limited plans which are only available during this autumn :

    • O-yoroi Special Plan – Wear an “o-yoroi” or “great armor” with a bow and arrow for your shoot.
    • Date Model x Lightsaber Plan – Instead of a sword, pose with a lightsaber!
    • New Year’s Card Plan – Have your pictures taken with your family or partner for a New Year’s card.

    However, Samurai Studio is only open for a limited time – from October 28th to November 6th. So to those lucky enough to be in Japan during these dates, don’t miss out on this fun and interesting experience! If you are one of the tourists planning their visits to Tokyo, why not add Samurai Studio to your travel itinerary before it’s all too late?

    Samurai Studio Official Website

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