Avid Garlic Fan? Head on Down to the Tokyo Garlic Festival at the Okubo Park in Shinjuku!

  • Oh, a happy day for garlic lovers everywhere for the Tokyo Garlic festival is approaching! For those slightly odiferous taste seekers, the festival itself will be held at the Okubo Park Theatre Park in Shinjuku and is sure to be a huge hit. After all, who doesn’t like garlic? Like with everything in Japan, make sure to come early as there will be lines out the door.


    This event is actually not new. Judging from the festival last 2015, there usually is some sort of theme. For instance, “garlic love and ecstasy” was well represented with multiple shops sharing their garlic foods and wares, and even a happy hour to wash down all that garlic goodness with. This 2016, the festival is going to be held from the 14th through the 18th of July. The five days will surely be filled with everything garlic that you can possibly ever think of. Sponsors have already been lined up, appropriately including a mint company that will give out breath mints – Acuo Lotte green mints are to be given to the first few guests lucky enough to get in. At 500 yen per entry, it is quite a deal to have all these garlic products at your disposal.


    Aside from mints, there are also commemorative masks and amazing dishes ranging from popcorn to meat to seafood and to even garlic beer – perfect for pairing with the garlic-infused treats. There will definitely be something for everyone! However, I am not so sure if they will have the garlic ice cream that was much the rage in its California Garlic Festival counterpart, but one can dream.

    And to top it all off, the pop group Kamen Joshi, a popular girl group wearing masks in their appearances, has been selected as the official girl group to perform at the festival. This, along with a dedicated seating area for “girls and boys to meet” seems to be a match made in heaven. So if you happen to be in the Shinjuku area wanting to get your garlic craving on, make sure to stop by at the Okubo Park Theatre Park. You won’t regret it! Itadakimasu!

    Ninniku Fest Website *Japanese only

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