Come and Celebrate this Summer Festival at the Keio Plaza Hotel!

  • Traditional Japanese artwork will be celebrated at the 36th Summer Festival Arita/Imari Porcelains at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo from the 1st of July to the 7th of August 2016. To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Japan’s long tradition of porcelain art, there will be an exhibit entitled, “Modern Art, Reflections of the Future.” The exhibit aims to provide an opportunity for visitors to unravel the history and nature of Arita/Imari porcelain.

    Origin of Arita/Imari Porcelain


    Arita/Imari porcelain artwork started 400 years ago in the town of Arita which is in the northwestern Kyushu area. The pottery was exported from the port of Imari, Saga hence the two names. In the olden days, Arita can be recognized by its blue and white color scheme with patterns drawn on a white background. Later, the original Arita style was then replaced by Kakiemon which is brighter and colorful. This artwork is highly esteemed in Japan and abroad.

    Celebrate the Summer Festival of Arita/Imari Porcelains


    For the decorative exhibition’s 36th year, a spectacular “Porcelain Tree” sculpture will be displayed in the main lobby. The sculpture measures around 9.5 meters long and 3 meters wide situated alongside Arita porcelain artworks by three renowned porcelain artists, namely Inoue Manji, the 14th Imaizumi Imaemon, and the 15th Sakaida Kakiemon. Note that the first two have been given the title “National Living Treasures.” Imaizumi Imaemon is famous for his work with indigo, charcoal, sozo, and snow flower patterns, fired in 17th-century kilns. Inoue Manji, on the other hand, works with his son Yasunori on the art of white pottery.

    Event Details


    The Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is considered to be one of the capital’s most luxurious hotels. It is widely known that the Keio Plaza Hotel has been hosting a special event of Arita/Imari Porcelains for the past 36 years. This special occasion allows hotel guests to experience the unique artwork and its roots. In commemoration of the momentous anniversary, 10 of the restaurants at the Keio Plaza Hotel are offering guests a selection of special menus. Menus include a Japanese Lunch Set (4,200 yen), a Tempura Course (18,000 yen), and even a French and Italian Lunch (4,500 yen). These delicious menus will be served in Arita/Imari porcelain dishes which will also be available for purchase.

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