Must-Visit Interactive Digital Art Installation in Tokyo This Summer!

  • If you are visiting Japan during the summer, be sure to check out this really cool art installation which will be a major attraction at Tokyo Bay. DMM.PLANETS Art by teamLab is the result of the collaboration between Fuji TV and DMM which is an online retailer.

    teamLab is an interactive media unit that has enjoyed huge success in Japan. Previously, teamLab had worked together with Gucci in 2014 to create a beautiful digital installation known as the Infinity of Flowers.

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    – :teamLab★Planets TOKYO Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People I had to leave the camera bag immediately after admission, I was forced to carry only one lens at the ultimate choices so I challenged a 14 mm single focus lens. teamLab Planets is a museum where you move through water. It consists of 4 vast exhibition spaces at its center, and 7 works of art. The artworks are based on the Body Immersive concept. The massive Body Immersive space consists of a collection of installations in which the entire body becomes immersed in the art, and the boundaries between the viewer and the work become ambiguous. Visitors enter the museum barefoot, and become immersed with other visitors in the vast installation spaces. :teamLab★Planets TOKYO 人と共に踊る鯉によって描かれる水面のドローイング / Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People カメラバッグは入場してすぐに預けてしまうので、持って行けるレンズは1本しかないという究極の選択を迫られて、勇気を出して14mm単焦点で挑戦してみた。 チームラボプラネッツは「Body Immersive」というコンセプトの超巨大な4つの作品空間を中心とした計7つの作品空間による「水に入るミュージアム」。「Body Immersive」な巨大な作品の中に身体ごと没入することによって、身体と作品との境界を曖昧にし、自分と世界との間にある境界の認識を揺るがす。裸足になって超巨大な作品空間に、他者と共に、身体ごと、圧倒的に没入する。 #東京 #tokyo #豊洲 #toyosu #チームラボ #teamLab #teamLabPlanets #ig_japan #IGersJP #japan_of_insta #lovers_nippon #loves_nippon #retrip_nippon #bestjapanpics #pt_life_ #light_nikon #東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #ig_asia_ #ray_moment #ig_worldculb #light_nikon #jp_gallery #キタムラ写真投稿 #rsa_social #japantrip #IG_PHOS #japan_daytime_view #広がり同盟 #icu_japan

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    In 2015, teamLab also transformed the Enoshima Aquarium for their digital installation named the Night Wonder Aquarium 2015.

    As for the upcoming DMM.PLANETS Art by teamLab, it will be opened at Odaiba Dream World on the 16th of July, and the event will run until the 31st of August. There will also be previous installations to be featured in this event. But the most exciting part of all is that there will be a new piece called the Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers that will showcase 10 million digital flowers in a dome art installation space. Like previous installations, the new one will be interactive, wherein visitors will get to release butterflies through the use of their smartphones. The cycle of birth and death of flowers are shown through this installation.

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    Other exciting digital installation includes the Wander through the Crystal Universe which also allows interaction through the usage of visitors’ smartphones. Visitors would get to use their smartphones to choose components that constitute the Crystal Universe. The movements and positions of the visitors will also affect the artwork, so the installation is always changing.

    The price for a one-day pass ticket is 2,000 yen. Seeing that the installations are so breathtakingly beautiful and high-tech, I would say that the ticket is worth every yen! There are always new events and things to see in Japan which make it an interesting country and worth several visits.


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