In Need of Good Luck? Japanese Shaved Ice with Gold Leaf Brings Fortune to Anyone Who Eats It!

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  • Would you spend on a dessert covered in gold leaf? What about one that brings you good fortune? You will certainly be tempted to try out one of Japan’s sophisticated and lucky desserts. At Cafe Izumi, a dessert stands out from the rest of the menu. The Golden Ujikintoki is offered for a limited time which is their new shaved ice dessert covered in gold leaf. The dessert is delicately designed to bring you glad tidings.

    Cafe Izumi and the Summer Jumbo Lottery

    If you happen to pass by Nishi Ginza Chance Center, you may notice a crowd of people trying to get their hands on some lottery tickets. Right next to this busy establishment, you will see a nice and cozy shop that sells a unique dessert that is believed to bring you fortune. There is only one place in Japan that sells such a dessert and it goes by the name of “Cafe Izumi.” The cafe is offering a limited dessert selection at the same time that the Summer Jumbo Lottery tickets go on sale. The shaved ice dessert is designed specifically to bring good luck to anyone who eats it.

    The lottery tickets are certainly on demand because the top prize for the Summer Jumbo Lottery is a whopping 500 million yen plus an additional prize of 100 million yen each for the ticket number before and after the top winning number. Basically, the lucky winner who happens to purchase the three consecutive numbers will get about 700 million yen!

    The dessert that brings you fortune

    If you love sophisticatedly-made desserts then you may want to check out Japan’s shaved ice wrapped in gold leaf. In Japan, it is popularly called the “Golden Ujikintoki” which is basically a dessert made from traditional Japanese shaved ice. Flavors are added to make it more appealing to the diners. Sweet red bean paste and green tea syrup are drizzled over the shaved ice to make a fusion of flavors that will surely relieve you of stress from the scorching heat of the sun. A lot of care and attention is dedicated to making this dessert one of a kind. You may find it interesting that the Golden Ujikintoki uses ice which is delicately frozen over a duration of more than two days. Matcha green tea sauce from Uji City in Kyoto is drizzled on top. To make it even tastier, azuki red bean paste grown fresh from Hokkaido adds sweetness to the dessert.

    The main attraction that makes this dessert highly sought out for, is the 4-inch square sheet of edible gold leaf embellished on top which truly makes this dessert satisfying and a work of art at the same time. Note that these leaves are hard to come by since 98% of gold leaves are grown from Kanazawa, a city in Ishikawa Prefecture. These are quality products made by gold leaf producer Hakuichi in Kanazawa. They are delicately refined and designed for use in confectionery and snack ornamentation. They may look like real gold but rest assured that they are safe for human consumption. As you can see, these are almost as rare and precious as jewels. Now you are lucky enough to have it as a decor on top of your shaved ice! To make you even luckier, the Golden Ujikintoki is topped with a pineapple shaped to resemble the lucky number seven. Enjoy this refreshing treat as you say goodbye to bad luck and spend the rest of your day with blessings and glad tidings.

    Promo Details

    The delicious treat will be offered from the 6th to the 29th of July, 2016, at Cafe Izumi. Note that you can have a taste of the golden shaved ice cream for a cost of 1,040 yen. Although, you have to be an early bird because only ten Golden Ujikintoki shall be served each day due to the limited supply of the rare gold leaf. Don’t forget to buy your Summer Jumbo Lottery Tickets, as well. If you happen to have one, you can show it to the staff and you will receive a 300 yen discount! If you prefer other varieties, then you can opt for other shaved ice flavors such as mango milk and strawberry milk. Each costs around 740 yen and offers you the same sensational taste but without the “golden” add-on. You may consider these desserts a little bit expensive but if you think about it, they might just be worth your money because not only do they taste so good, but they may also bring you luck and fortune! So if you are feeling a little bit on the gloomy side, head out to Cafe Izumi and grab yourself a Golden Ujikintoki to brighten up your day.

    Expensive or worth it? You may find this dessert venture a little bit pricey but it is surely one-of-a-kind and a must-try. Nothing beats the summer heat like a satisfying bowl of cold dessert. What’s even more satisfying is a dessert that not only looks and tastes good but one that also attracts good luck. This sweet treat is also perfect for combating the harsh heat of the summer sun.

    You can still enjoy this dessert even if you are not purchasing lottery tickets. But who knows? You might just be extremely lucky to win the 700 million yen jackpot!

    So whenever you are in the Ginza area, don’t forget to stop by at Cafe Izumi for a daily dose of good luck. Hurry and try this sensational dessert while it lasts!


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