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    Everything You Know About the Samurai Is Wrong?

    You think you know everything about samurais? Think again. This article discusses some common misconceptions and the facts about the real samurai.


    How Well Do You Know Kimono Styles? Take a Look at These 3 Common Types

    Kimonos are popular Japanese traditional garments and if you didn’t already know, they are not all the same! Find out the different types of kimono that women in Japan use for certain occasions.


    Love Japanese History and Architecture? Step Back in Time at the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Museum!

    If you are interested in both Japanese history and architecture, then this museum in Tokyo is definitely for you. Check this article out to know more about this architectural museum and admission details.


    Wait in Style in One of these Uniquely Cute and Creative Bus Stops in Nagasaki!

    The quirky bus stops featured in this article proves that maybe it is true that almost everything in Japan is kawaii. Read on to find out the reasoning behind this amazingly cute idea.


    Take a Rare Trip From Tokyo to Kyoto on Doctor Yellow, the Test Shinkansen That Brings Good Luck!

    Did you know that bullet trains and routes also have a doctor? You read that right! Take a look at this article to meet Doctor Yellow and find out how you can go for a ride on it.


    First Summer in Japan? Try These 3 Easy-to-Find Items That Will Keep You Cool!

    If you have had enough of the Japanese summer heat and want to know how to beat it, this article is the right one for you. It lists the things that can keep you at a comfortable temperature and that are easy to find.


    Unleash Your Inner Ninja at Miraikan Through This Special Exhibition!

    Ever wanted to experience being a ninja? Check this article out as it introduces an exhibit in Tokyo that gives you the chance to do so.


    Soak in the Beauty of Nature and Japanese Tradition at a Luxurious Sanctuary Ryokan

    There’s a hidden gem in the form of an onsen in the Ishikawa Prefecture! If you want to relax and enjoy nature at the same time, make sure to check this Japanese Inn featured in the article.


    5 Must-Visit Places at One of Osaka’s Most Fascinating and Unusual Hot Spots: Ame-Mura!

    If you happen to find yourself in Ame-Mura in downtown Osaka with nothing to do and nowhere to go, this article lists five places that you wouldn’t wanna miss out on.


    See Gorgeous Locations in Japan Off the Beaten Path: 3 Beautiful Rice Terraces

    This article is perfect for you if you just wanna escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get away. It features three rice terraces that you can visit to immerse yourself in Japan’s beautiful nature.

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