The Perfect Way to Use Free Wi-Fi During Your Trip to Japan

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  • Whenever I go traveling, one of the most important information that I prepare beforehand is where and how to get Wi-Fi access during my trip. The obvious solutions are, of course, to spend money and buy a SIM card, or rent a pocket Wi-Fi. But wouldn’t it be great if there are free Wi-Fi connections that can be easily used the whole time?

    Before coming to Japan and as a foreigner, I was not familiar with where I can access free Wi-Fi in Japan. Until I discovered the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app! It claims that tourists can get free Wi-Fi with just one phone application! I chose to use this app during my trips in Japan and it made it a lot easier for me to find free Wi-Fi with more than 200,000 hotspots.

    How to use the app


    Upon using it for the first time, I thought that the app was a bit complicated, but I got used to its interface over time. I can now say that this app is simple to understand and is suitable for every traveler. Just download it on your smartphone, choose your preferred language, and just follow the indicated steps.


    At first, you are able to access only 60,000 hotspots. But you can get an upgrade to use more than 200,000 hotspots by entering a Premium Code which you can retrieve from different distribution locations such as at the airport, BIC CAMERA, Don Quijote, etc. For the complete list of distribution locations, please check here.

    Sharing user experience

    For me, the most convenient thing about the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app is that it can help you connect to free Wi-Fi spots. I was actually surprised that there are a lot of free Wi-Fi spots I didn’t notice before. Furthermore, the speed was not slow so I was able to use it smoothly and without a problem. There was an instance when I used it while riding a local bus (some buses in Japan have hotspots) that offered free Wi-Fi, and the connection was pretty stable even when the vehicle was moving.

    Advantages of using this app


    Aside from the free Wi-Fi spots, there are more great points about this app that helped me during my trip! The “Timeline” showed the popular stores around my area with detailed information such as Google map, contact numbers, email, and official websites which makes it easier to reach certain establishments if you wish to do so. With the “Notification,” I was notified of many useful information like summer bargain sales, Tax-Free shops, and so on. I can also mark my “Favorites” which made things easier to come back to. It is almost like a free travel guide book during my trip!

    With the amount of free Wi-Fi hotspots available around me, I can say that the app helped me have an amazing experience when I traveled to Japan. So if you are just like me and you always worry about where to get Wi-Fi during your trips and at the same time want to save money, try the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi during your next trip!

    You can download Travel Japan Wi-fi for your smartphone here:

    For further information about the app and how to use it, you can watch this video: