A mini Sahara in Japan? Come and visit the Tottori Prefecture!

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  • Never get the chance to see a desert in your life? Or wish to see a different one? Well, if you spend some of your time in Japan you can visit what we called “a mini Sahara”! This desert is approximately 30 km² and is located in the Tottori Prefecture in the Honshu Island. It is on the sea side above the Okayama Prefecture. The sand land has also an interesting museum that will show you wonderful sand sculptures!

    You should ask the tourist centre because if the weather is good you can try sand-boarding or even paragliding! A good advice to give you is that you can stop by the Tottori Prefecture when you go from Kyoto to Hiroshima. The area has plenty to see and not only sand of course! If you like history you should definitely visit the ruin of Tottori Castle as you can learn about feudal history and moreover you can have great scenery because the castle was built in the mountain.


    Quite near the Tottori Castle, you can visit the Jinpukaku; a French Renaissance Style residence. This residence also offers a beautiful garden.


    You can also visit a very nice Buddhist temple called Kannon-In which was founded in the mid-17th. The most interesting part of the visit is the garden. Indeed this garden is the perfect example of an Edo periomd style. You can go there by taxi it is not so far from the Tottori JR Station, less than 10 minutes.

    Mont Daisen

    If you like hiking it is highly recommended to go to the Mount Daisen but be careful because some parts of the mountain are prohibited so you should ask the tourist centre in the Tottori City. However you can still access the Misen Peak at 1,700 meters! It will offer you an amazing scenery that will take your breath away!

    You can easily get to this prefecture because there are regular trains from the JR West Line.