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  • Many people are already feeling the buzz of the upcoming 2020 Olympics here in Japan, even with 4 years to go before this great event actually happens. The preparations for the event can be felt in numerous aspects of life ranging from subjects like language to food. These efforts are all in place to minimize any barrier that tourists from different countries could encounter when visiting Japan.

    OKASHI Checker

    Japanese cuisine is regarded as one of the best in the world, and Japanese sweets are an important part of the ‘washoku’ culture. But with cultural differences and increasingly common food allergies, how can one enjoy Japanese sweets to the fullest if you don’t understand what ingredients are used? Well, there’s a solution for that problem, and it is called the ‘OKASHI Checker’!

    OKASHI Checker (Japanese Sweets Checker) is a mobile application that was just released to solve the language barrier that prevents foreign tourists from enjoying and sometimes even trying Japanese sweets. Aside from this, some foreign tourists practise religions that prohibit the consumption of various ingredients, not to mention the many tourists suffering from all kinds of food allergies.


    OKASHI Checker is a food description scanner that’s simple to use. By focusing your application’s scanner to the product’s barcode, the description label including the ingredients used for the Japanese sweets will be displayed. You can then choose to display the text in English or Indonesian.

    Aside from being a food description translator, there is also a ‘Like’ button which you can press if you liked the product you just scanned. This is used to create a ranking of the best-liked Japanese sweets so you can get some inspiration for which sweet to try next!

    OKASHI Checker is free to download, and it is currently only available for download via iTunes. Let’s wait and see if they’ll also release the app in the Play Store.

    With the upcoming 2020 Olympics, more preparations are sure to make the life of tourists and foreign residents in Japan a lot easier. Just download the app before you come to Japan and you don’t have to worry anymore when purchasing Japanese sweets!

    You can click here to download the app.

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