Looking for the Perfect Summer Thirst Quencher? The New Honey Lemongina is Here!

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  • Japan is the land of amazing beauty and seasonal changes. However, the summer can be brutal with its record humidity and heat. Thank God for the ubiquitous convenience stores and drink vending machines easily available to quench your thirst. The options are endless, from the standard water to even cream corn soup! By far one of my favorites in the mix is the Orangina brand.

    I fell in love with this drink selection while traveling in Europe. Almost feels like a high-end beverage especially with the bubbles and the fancy fruit choices. The standard Orangina flavor has always been a standout. But imagine my surprise when the company started selling an oishii (yummy) blood orange version! It definitely has become a staple during my stay here. Surprisingly, the launch of Orangina has been relatively recent, only being in Japan since 2012!

    Luckily, for the die-hard fans, Suntory, the maker of Orangina in Japan, has released another new and interesting flavor. Introducing Honey Lemongina! According to the company’s website, the new flavor was “developed but taking a hint of homemade honey lemon slices that are widely popular in France.” This was combined with the company’s signature Lemongina flavors to create a unique yet still familiar flavor that is sure to be a new favorite! The packaging retains its original style, but in a green color to distinguish itself from the other flavors Suntory offers. The price is around 140 yen for the standard bottle, though some stores are offering it at an introductory discount. I recently found one in a local convenience store for 98 yen!

    This new flavor was released on May 24th, 2016. Despite all the hype, I am still a fan of the original flavors and even the newer blood orange flavor as I find the honey slightly cloyingly too sweet for my taste. Would love to hear what you guys think of this new flavor. Feel free to post in the forum below. Happy drinking!

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