Enjoy Japanese Food Sample Art With These Cute Bookmarks

  • Japan is an expert when it comes to creating realistic-looking food samples. Many restaurants display these samples in their windows as an example of the food they serve, and to attract more customers with very real looking plastic food. For us folks who do not own a restaurant, we appreciate fake food as well, it could even be seen as a form of art. Therefore, a Japanese online store called Tokyo Kitsch (東京キッチュ) introduced to us these bookmarks designed to look exactly like many people’s favorite foods!

    Tasty Bookmarkers

    While the Internet has kind of taken over the need for real books for some, there are still many of us who enjoy reading books. Bookmarks come in handy to neatly mark where we have last stopped reading. Available in 8 varieties, these flat bookmarks by Tokyo Kitsch are so eye-catching that others may be interested in the books you are reading. They also make great small presents when you want to surprise someone with a little trinket.

    ‘Is that bacon sticking out of your book?’ That could be a conversation starter.

    Look at this hyper-realistic salmon bookmark. It could actually make you feel hungry.

    This nori (海苔) seaweed looks so much like the real thing that if you accidentally mix it with real seaweed you would have trouble telling which one is the real deal.

    The toast looks tempting especially in the morning if you skip breakfast.

    Among these designs, we have to admit that the popsicle looks least realistic, mainly because actual popsicles are not flat.

    Where to Buy?

    These tasty looking bookmarks proved to be so popular that they have actually been sold out! Besides being used as bookmarks, they can also be used as keychains! Each design is priced at 1,512 yen, except for the popsicle design and the nori seaweed design which are priced at 972 yen each. The bookmarks can be purchased here.

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