5 Amazing Beaches in Japan You should Visit!

  • When talking about beaches in Japan, people normally think of Okinawa. Japanese beaches outside Okinawa are not famous, besides, the Japanese also don’t have a custom of sunbathing.

    But nevertheless, Japan has many stunning beaches that reveal the country’s beauty with their turquoise water, white sand and clear sky. So why not try find out more about the beaches in Japan? These are some great beaches (not just in Okinawa) that you should to know about:

    1. Oarai Beach

    Situated in east Ibaraki this beach is a great place for sunbathing. Surrounded by large rocks this place is best for all the beach activities: including swimming, sea sports, camping, and sightseeing. Ibaraki prefecture aquarium is also close to the beach and provides the impressive attraction.


    2. Omaezaki Beach

    Omaezaki is a small coastal town in Shizuoka prefecture. Its beach is one of the most famous beach among surfers. Other than that, Omaezaki is popular for its light house and green tea fields.


    3. Shirahama Beach

    Located in the west coast of Kii Peninsula, this beach is the most famous beach in Kansai area. Shirahama is not only popular for its beach, but also for “Saki no yu onsen” which is the oldest and most well-preserved onsen in Japan. The beach is also convenient for families with children.


    4. Asakawa Ozuna

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    “Quiet yet charming” is the best way to describe Asakawa Ozuna beach. You can find tranquility when visiting this place, especially the southern coast. There is a number of facilities available despite the small number of visitors. Between May and August you can observe turtles laying the eggs into the sand here.


    5. Nishihama Beach

    Located on Hateruma Island, Okinawa, this beach is a recommended spot to see the sunset from. On summer nights, you can sometimes even see the sea turtles.